about the author

06DMCBAQIRSHAMEEM1Brigadier (retd.) Baqir Shameem was born in a village in Azamgarh a district of eastern Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest province, and spent a better part of his childhood in the company of his grandfather, with his father away on missions with the Indian Air Force during World War II and thereafter across independent India.

As the country partitioned so did its Armed Forces, with Muslim officers and men given the option to join the Pakistan Defense Forces. His father opted to stay with the Indian Air Force. Following in his father’s footsteps, Brigadier Shameem joined the National Defense Academy to pursue a career in the armed forces.

Commissioned to the Bombay Sappers, Corps of Engineers, the two-time recipient of the Chief of Army Staff’s Medal for meritorious and exceptional service took early retirement after 32 years of service with the Indian Army. Post-retirement, he acted as a consultant to a top architectural firm in Bahrain and stayed there for the next ten years. During this time, he traveled extensively across the Middle East and gained first hand knowledge of the region and its culture. He has also traveled widely across Europe, Turkey, Egypt, China and South East Asia. He is now a US citizen with OCI privileges.

Although his initial years of education was in Urdu, he later shifted to a reputed public school, where he was encouraged by his teachers to write more after his essays and stories revealed a penchant for creativity and originality. Even though he had initially taken up writing as a hobby, his passion for the written word is now his trade craft. Brigadier Shameem currently splits his time between India and the US, where his children live. He wrote his first novel The Final Option while in Bahrain.