Moula Ali – A legendary Shrine

I am in love with every church And mosque And Temple And any kind of shrine Because I know it is there The people say the different names Of the One God Hafez I last visited the Moula Ali shrine in nineties. A twenty minutes fairly even drive from where I stay. To reach the… Continue reading Moula Ali – A legendary Shrine

A Few Snap Shots : School Reunion

Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven. - Tryon Edwards Yes the latter is, and felt it in the earlier and in this School Reunion; though the gap between the two was fairly apart due to my intransigent and lethargic posture. I landed at Bangaluru, welcomed by… Continue reading A Few Snap Shots : School Reunion

If Maternity Ward Walls Could Speak!

By Dr Mahrukh Zaidi, MBBS, doing MD in Gyaenocolgy from Lady Hardinge Medical college New Delhi. Her parents are Tashi and Asad Zaidi. If maternity ward walls could talk Where would they begin their story? Would they talk about the naivety of final year medical students strutting around in their pristine white coats Or would… Continue reading If Maternity Ward Walls Could Speak!

Prayer Time & Spot

Arrived at the air port well ahead of time; much before the Emirate counter opened. Sat in a designated spot to relax and catch up with some leftover sleep. On opening the eyes looked around and noticed the rather peculiar counter at some distance. Curiosity always takes over so it did now. Went over and… Continue reading Prayer Time & Spot

Lessons from Tennis in Life – Part 2

Left to Right: Nilofar, Naseem (Asad's mom), Hamza, Asad, Tashi (Asad's better half) As mentioned before, more matches are won because of fewer unforced errors than because of more winners.  So, if you keep doing your job diligently, success will come.  Shooting star success is rare and over-rated.  Most successes in life come from hard… Continue reading Lessons from Tennis in Life – Part 2

┬áLessons from Tennis in Life – Part 1

By Asad Zaidi About the Author in his own words: B Tech from IIT Kanpur followed by MS from University of Utah, USA and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. Worked as a management consultant with Accenture post MBA and moved into line function roles subsequently. Spent 18 years in Dubai where I worked as Chief Procurement… Continue reading ┬áLessons from Tennis in Life – Part 1

Hibachi Kitchen: A Quaint Experience

I had enjoyed Sushi in Japanese reataurants earlier in a rather sedate and traditional environment. Courtsey Sabila and Malik, the experience was indeed very different at Ichigo Ichie restauant at Franklin. Would like to share it with you though some may have had such experience earlier. We sat in our allotted seats and looked around.… Continue reading Hibachi Kitchen: A Quaint Experience

Family Esthetics – 2

The black and white drawing is a testimony to the artist's patience and perseverence, considering that the detailing is symetrical and repetetive. It is all the more startling that this creative artist is 12 years old and a student in seventh class. The artistic pourings happened during the covid period, when distractions and attractions were… Continue reading Family Esthetics – 2