Hidden Gems

by Baqar Abbas Shameem (Faizi) ("In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play." Friedrich Nietzche. "In every real human a writer is hidden that wants to write." Baqir Shameem. Am I wrong ? Search sedately in your heart more than your other faculties! You will agree with me! My endeavor is… Continue reading Hidden Gems

Jeffery Wolf: Virtual Healer

By Pooja Shameem Few days ago, a Facebook post I had made three years ago popped up as a memory.  Memories being one of my favorite features on Facebook, I regularly scroll through the posts and read the comments. While I was scrolling through the comments in the memory I noticed a GIF of Snoopy… Continue reading Jeffery Wolf: Virtual Healer

Din (Day)

(Picture by Jafar Shameem) मैं दिन हूँ आफ़्ताब मेरा मालिक है वह डूब जाये तो मैं खो जाता हूँ  अँधेरा होते ही, बेचैनी से माहताब और रात को ताकता हूँ बेक़रार रहता हूँ जल्द से इत्तेफ़ाक़ मिले मख्लूक़ की खिदमत का मिल जाये  फ़ायदा सबको मेरे सूरज की तपिश और नूर  का I am the… Continue reading Din (Day)

An Outing!

Besides the normal preventive actions such as wearing the mask and social distancing, stay at home is the oft repeated message from the doctors and officials. The former measures are mainly applicable outdoors or in large gatherings. The latter sadly is a punishment for all of us whether young or old. It becomes all the… Continue reading An Outing!

Main Gunahgaar Hoon …..

मैं गुनहगार हूँ, मुझे सज़ा दोइल्म की तिशनगी है, सज़ा दोवहम और डर से बेज़ार हूँ, सज़ा दोनहीं इलज़ाम देता माज़ी को, सज़ा दो Rough translation please: I'm guilty, punish me   Thirsty for knowledge, punish me Devoid of superstition and fear, punish me Do not blame the past, punish me तलाश में हूँ जदीद… Continue reading Main Gunahgaar Hoon …..

Puerillis Consceleratus

The title may be a bit confusing, both are Latin words, and are relevant as I proceed to engage in presenting this write up. You may like to ascertain their meaning through Google, the source used by me. Needless to say, these words dilettante a person who is keeping his countrymen at tenterhooks (Picture by… Continue reading Puerillis Consceleratus

Connecting Earth and Heaven

Picture by Jafar Shameem The waterfalls, a traditional burial site to the Snoqualmie people, are the place where “First Woman and First Man were created by Moon the Transformer,” where “prayers were carried up to the Creator by great mists,” that rise from the powerful flow,  and these mists rising from the base of the… Continue reading Connecting Earth and Heaven