Narcissists Favour Fascism

The word Narcissist comes from a Greek myth in which a handsome young man named Narcissus sees his own reflection in a pool of water and falls in love with it. I do not know how many of us have had similar feelings observing our reflections. I have seen myself in the mirror on many… Continue reading Narcissists Favour Fascism


What Do You Call Someone Who Lies All The Time?

During past five years or so spent in India and USA, I have witnessed a very glaring stand alone striking similarity; in both the countries, barring their die hard followers, most of the population is aware that their leaders have lined their expectations with lies and continue to do so  They are questioning them. However,… Continue reading What Do You Call Someone Who Lies All The Time?

A Recondite Situation

 The above two pictures exhibit vignettes of normal citizens relaxing and perhaps enjoying too. They are fortunate, they live in a country which has an economic arrangement that allows huge income disparities between the rich and them and yet from their personal budget they can afford basic amenities and also relish their preferred passion. There… Continue reading A Recondite Situation


The Siege of Lucknow was one of the most terrible incidents of the uprising in 1857. It was prolonged for 87 days before it  was finally relieved. In its remembrance the English poet Lord Alfred Tennyson penned ‘The Defence Of Lucknow’. It is a fairly lengthy poem, its first few lines are quite striking.  … Continue reading Lucknow

Impressions – Kichaucha Sharif

My first visit to Kichaucha Sharif was way back in 1976 with my father when after retirement he decided to stay in the ancestral home and pursue farming. The caretaker of the property, a strapling Patahan, insisted that I visit the Dargah and pay obeisance to the revered Sufi saint Sultan Syed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir… Continue reading Impressions – Kichaucha Sharif


Let us talk about flowers; they grow in our gardens, in dense thick jungles, on barren sand in the desert, in the crevices of the high mountains, the still ponds and in the murky, boggy, mud. Of different color, shape and size they all look beautiful more so when arranged in a bouquet. The 53… Continue reading DOSTI KA GULDASTA-THE FRIENDSHIP BOUQUET

Safarnama – Turkey – ISTANBUL

The famous Blue Mosque is seen in the background. Closed for visitors due to the renovation works inside the mosque. Took the pictures later of its interiors when I went to pray in it! Though it's exteriors are not blue, it is referred as the Blue Mosque because of blue tiles surrounding it's interior walls… Continue reading Safarnama – Turkey – ISTANBUL