Waiting for THE Vaccine

The season for testing and tracing continues in full swing. Millions are tested positive for the Corona virus and millions remain to be traced for testing. How long will this last? When can I play golf and have my lemonade in the bar, minus the ‘social distancing’ from my friends? The consensus echoes from known… Continue reading Waiting for THE Vaccine

Drawing a Mermaid!

By Serena Shameem (Sharing a lesson from Serena; she is seriously engaged in polishing her artwork in the free period during the corona-virus hiatus! Baqir Shameem)   (Serena is the younger daughter of Jafar and Tehmina Shameem and is in First Grade in Elementary School Woodmoor, Seattle)   (Norway in summer, Picture by Jafar Shameem)… Continue reading Drawing a Mermaid!


by Yameena Shameem (When she was four years old, while walking her to her nursery, she stopped suddenly, looked at me and said in disgust, “You are so big and you know nothing!” I told her that she was right! I had shown my ignorance when she had asked me to tell her the name… Continue reading Lift

Simba the Redeemer

by Eshan Shameem (The Coronavirus pandemic came as a boon to the school children! They stayed at home and remained enwrapped with the games on their mobiles or the laptops, day in and day out! When all pleadings to disengage and take recourse to actionably healthier activities failed, my grandsons were gifted Simba by their… Continue reading Simba the Redeemer

Imperator or Orator

Both the words of the title are from Latin, though one may appear to be from the English dictionary. I have attempted to identify their potency relating to the present generation of standard bearers who are walking through our lives in the present cataclysmal climate. A few examples are trotted out; which may or may… Continue reading Imperator or Orator

Ruminating Future Travels

Most of us do want to get out and see the world for various reasons, especially when we have all the time in the world, which is omnipresent on retiring from active duty. I will not withdraw and seek isolation and seclusion, was my silent resolution and it did work effectively. I enjoyed the journey… Continue reading Ruminating Future Travels


Love grows in the fields! (Picture by Jafar Shameem) Those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself! This has been happening over the ages and yet it continues to happen every other day on one pretext or the other. Is there a country where ‘hate’ has not destroyed… Continue reading Hate!

Ballu Aur Lallu

(Picture by Jafar Shameem) कम तर उम्र मे ही आगाह हुए वह हर दुनियवि गुल और चाल से हालात और माहोल ने की वक़्त से पहले ही ज़​ईफी ळिप्टे रहे जद्दो जहद मे, करते रहे मुक़ाबिला हर दिकक़त और अफ़त से क़ायम रखनी थी वुजूद अप्नि और कुन्बह की ढ्डंते फिर्थे थे छोटे छोटे काम… Continue reading Ballu Aur Lallu

Leaves Fall, People Don’t

A hospital alone shows what war is.      Erich Maria Remarque We have been in this war for the past year or so. God willing it will end soon with the doctors and their staff notching up and garnering victory. During this period we were fortunate to encounter a large cross section of dedicated and humble… Continue reading Leaves Fall, People Don’t

Ya Ali Madad!

Masjid Al Haram, The Sacred House, the first House founded for mankind (the word ‘house’ referring to a place of worship) at Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Al Aqsa Mosque (the farthest Mosque) at Jerusalem (Picture by Jafar Shameem)  ("Glorified by He [Allah] who transported His servant [Muhammad (saws)] by night from Masjid al-Haram to Masjid al-Aqsa… Continue reading Ya Ali Madad!