Serendipity or Fate – Part II

Picture by Jafar Shameem Continued from Part I “She mentioned it to me earlier and I respect it and have no issues. I will never interfere nor offer suggestions, she is totally independent to practice her religion in the manner she wants,” Susheel pleaded. “Will that be acceptable to your family members, considering the present… Continue reading Serendipity or Fate – Part II

Serendipity or Fate – Part 1

As he stepped out of the gate of Indira Gandhi Air Terminal he found her standing in the crowd behind the barrier and waving her hand without stretching her elbow. He moved towards the exit, with his luggage on the trolley, where she met him and hugged him. The taxi driver loaded his luggage in… Continue reading Serendipity or Fate – Part 1

Tumhe Nahi Paya

akelapan chod diya kafi arse seMud kar dekha, per Tumhe nahin paya Sochta hoon tum msshghool ho aogi fursat meinIntezar mein rahta hoon, per tumhe nahin paya Sunkar saaz khilkhillat mein apne Azizon kiTawajah Chokas hui, kaan ho Gaye Khade, per tumhe nahin paya Dekhkar meethi muskurshat bachon ke chehron perho gayi nazron ki aas tumhare hoton… Continue reading Tumhe Nahi Paya

Serena’s Dream Boat

Fond of spending her off school time usefully, Serena who studies in Grade III, has a nice hobby. She keeps busy exprimenting and creating /assembling models. She is fond of swimming and loves the ocean on which she plans to sail in her boat when she grows up. Sharing her vision of her 'dream boat.'… Continue reading Serena’s Dream Boat

Liba – A Love Story – Part III

(Picture by Jafar Shameem) Feroz joined a finance Company to gain experience which he knew would be useful as and when he decided to have his own start up going. He got an opportunity to travel to a number of developing countries which were of business interest to his Company. In social meetings and parties… Continue reading Liba – A Love Story – Part III

Liba – A Love Story – Part II

For the next seven days Feroz visited the hospital and stayed with Sandhya for an hour or so. She looked forward to his calls more than from her other acquaintances. She did most of the  talking and  he listened silently, often interjecting to make the conversation livelier.  “So, why journalism? You could have joined your… Continue reading Liba – A Love Story – Part II

Liba – A Love Story – Part I

The convocation had ended, the participants and the visitors were dispersing from the venue. Among them were Feroz and his parents. He guided them through the crowd, intermittantly pausing to stretch his neck back to trace Sandhya, who was a few yards behind them with her parents. He halted at the car park and ushered… Continue reading Liba – A Love Story – Part I

“Nest of Snakes” Part II

Jafar, (Arshi at home) is not very particular about celebrating his birthday, however, Tehmina his wife is. His birthday, which was in August, could not be observed as it coincided with  Muharram being the mourning period. The family members (me  excluded) decided to gather at Cancun to celebrate it.The birthday boy was not aware that his brother and sisters … Continue reading “Nest of Snakes” Part II