A Refreshing Encounter

What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? I understood it when I encountered a very interesting person over a luncheon party. He took knowledge and gave wisdom to us, as we listened to him. Let me not delay any further, but quickly share the experience through the videos: Sami and Zehra our close friends… Continue reading A Refreshing Encounter

Let my country awake – Part II

 “Have you met that Dalit, your school classmate, recently?” Chandan Sharma asked his son Sunder.  “No. You told me to keep away from him,” Sunder replied.  Chandan looked at his wife Nalini seated on the sofa across from him in the living room. She looked down, shaking her head. “Sit down and listen carefully,” Chandan… Continue reading Let my country awake – Part II

Let my country awake – Part I

“I think I will have to cut short my visit, mom can leave later,” Vishnu said with a deep sigh. “Why? You have been here only for a week,” Sunder asked. They were seated on the wooden cots in the veranda. The house belonged to Sunder’s family and Vishnu was cousin brother from his mother’s… Continue reading Let my country awake – Part I

Nemesis – Part III

(Continued from Part - II) The Maulvi stepped aside When Aman stood next to him. Facing the audience Aman looked across the congregation; the gents were seated to the right, while a small vacant space separated ladies who sat in the left. They were afraid, from the looks on their faces, especially the young men… Continue reading Nemesis – Part III

Over the Weekends

Like most folks here in Seattle, for us too the weekend is a period of living with nature and outdoors. Every weekend is a different welcome experience. The enjoyment and relaxation in the company of the family and friends does ease and increase the outcome on the days that follow. Sharing a few videos. Music… Continue reading Over the Weekends

Serena’s Rocket

Serena Shameem daughter of Tehmina and Jafar Shameem is truly inspired by her father’s colleague who is a famous rocket designer and had met her over breakfast. She received a few tips and made her own rocket. Do see her handiwork: https://videopress.com/v/jW4L7usk?resizeToParent=true&preloadContent=metadata In slow motion: https://videopress.com/v/NcFAuVMK?resizeToParent=true&preloadContent=metadata What is next Serena?! Thank you Serena, this is… Continue reading Serena’s Rocket