A Delightful Treat!

My son Baqar, (Faizi domestically) stays in Hockessin, Delaware, USA and his next door neighbors are Tassadaq Uppal and family. They are US citizens of Pakistani origin and no imaginary boundary line divides us. Their Punjabiat is no different from those of my very dear friends back in India; I feel the same resonance and… Continue reading A Delightful Treat!

Are We Really Faithful?

My ancestral home at Faizabad is around 6 Km from Ayodhya, the birth place of Sri Ram. The last I and my wife visited Ayodhya was in 1973 when we went to most of the Mandirs and the Babari Masjid. It was an interesting and expensive experience, as we were asked by the pandas to… Continue reading Are We Really Faithful?

Faith and Knowledge

Barukh Adonai Eloheinu, melekh ha`olam... (Budhism) In the name of the father, the son and the spirit. (Christianity) Om Hari Om. (Hinduism) Aum Mani Padme Hum. (Judaism) Wahe Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Ji Ki Fateh. (Sikhism) Bismillah Hir Rahmanir Rahim. (Islam) All faithfuls invoke the blessings of their Lord Almighty before they start anything. I have… Continue reading Faith and Knowledge

Playing the Game

My School's motto was 'Play the Game' and most of us (me in particular) were everyday on the playing fields, playing hockey, cricket and soccer (football we called it) and so on. As I grew up, I soon understood that our motto had a larger and wider connotation. Over the period many interpretations clouded my… Continue reading Playing the Game

Mourning The Martyrs

By Ariana Husain (The culmination of the ten days mourning period is most difficult, penetrating and heart rendering to the lovers of Imam Hussain Alaihis Salam. On the first day of Muharram the adherents of latter day Wahhabism and Salafism ideologies, with their predilection for that is proscribed in the holy Quran and the greed… Continue reading Mourning The Martyrs

Pride and Arrogance

The new World Trade Centre lighted up. Arrogance destroyed the twin towers; the City now radiates with pride with its new building. Picture kind courtesy Jafar Shameem Is there a line between pride and arrogance? Arguably there is really a very thin line between the two. Listen to those who radiate, are happy to talk… Continue reading Pride and Arrogance

A Hero’s Journey

By Abbas Ali Husain As metal clanged Jack parried and side stepped and pointed his sword at his mentor Arthur. “HAHA!” Jack yelled “got you!” But he realized he wasn’t able to move and felt he was paralyzed.  “No!” Arthur said holding his sword close to Jack’s neck,“I got you!.”  He smiled and put down… Continue reading A Hero’s Journey