The Meet Up Group

My second visit to Portland, Oregon was after witnessing my granddaghter's stellar performance in the US North West Youth Rowing Championship held at Vanouver lake, Washington ; she was the coxswain, entered the event for the first time and her team consisting of eight helsmen were runners up. Yameena in the centre In my first… Continue reading The Meet Up Group



After the rigors of travel during the Ziarat, Dubai was the classic locale for leisure and relaxation which I relished in the company of my handsome nephew Murtuza (Tabish) , equally charming wife Samiya and their frolicsome children Hasan and Ahmad, at their residential bungalow. Having worked at Bahrain for nearly ten years, Dubai was… Continue reading Safarnama-Dubai

Safarnama Iraq – Kazmain

From Balad we reached Kazmain in nearly two hours covering a distance of approximately 50 miles. This holy shrine, as with the others, is visited by millions of the followers every year. Our Maulana explained the reasons for its sanctity and veneration. Sharing it. Photography inside the shrine is prohibited. We recited the Fateha… Continue reading Safarnama Iraq – Kazmain

Safarnama Iraq – Balad

It took the taxi nearly two hours to cover the 32 Km distance from Samrra to Balad. Perhaps due to the inadequacy of water, the landscape in most areas along the highway that we had earlier traversed had appeared arid with scanty vegetation. However, the fields in the Samarra- Balak belt were well attended to… Continue reading Safarnama Iraq – Balad

Safarnama Iraq – Karbala

Ahl al-Bayt (Arabic:lit. 'people of the house') refers to the family tree of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In Shiasm, the term is limited to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); his daughter Fatimah, his cousin and son-in-law Ali Ibn Abu Talib, their two sons, Hasan, Husayn and the lineage thereafter. The term has also been extended in Sunnism to apply to all descendants of the Banu Hashim (Muhammad's clan)… Continue reading Safarnama Iraq – Karbala