The Lovebirds and Me

By Ayaan Shameem One bright summer morning, I was chugging Mom’s usual breakfast smoothie, I peeked out of the kitchen window and noticed a bird looking right back at me.  I got excited because the pretty red bird was looking at me!  The ladybird’s castle was our backyard tree.  She was peeking out of different… Continue reading The Lovebirds and Me

Revathi Calling

My younger brother Col Zafar Naseem (whose Golf Whatsapp group is very active) included the lady in our four ball today. I was impressed with her smooth effortless golf swing as she hit the ball from the T. The approach shot to the green was nice and easy, unfortunately the ball landed in the… Continue reading Revathi Calling

तुम परेशां न हो!

= तुम परेशां हो की मैं नाराज़ हूँ तुमसे कह न पाऊँ कि यह नाराज़गी है ख़ुदसे तुमसे मिलते हि खो जाता हूँ लब लबाब ख्यालों में हो जाता हूँ बेबस छा जाती है दीवानगी रग रग में देखता रहता हूँ उन होठों को बेख़बर ख़ामोशी से गूंजते रहते हैं अल्फ़ाज़ कानों में मौसिएकी बन… Continue reading तुम परेशां न हो!

Colorful Phantasm

The gurgled announcement over the speaker was sufficiently loud to wake me from my bleary sleep We are flying now at our cruising altitude midway to our destination I heard the Captain Speak The past seven hours had been dreary with disconsolate movies in fettered space suffering insouciant neighbor The next seven hours will be… Continue reading Colorful Phantasm

Sada Vijay-Forever Victory

Consumed by pride filled with joy and exuberance we can proclaim unequivocally that 270 Engineer Regiment has lived up to and has preserved its motto,''Sada Vijay" (Forever Victory). My tenure as a Commanding Officer of the Regiment has been the best period of my service in the Corps Of Engineers. Nostalgia rekindled when I heard… Continue reading Sada Vijay-Forever Victory

For the Records

Over the past year the TV screen has been updating me everyday with the numbers on the new cases, those hospitalized and the unfortunates who died. The doctors and the politicians have more than occupied the space, speaking, debating, arguing, disputing, agitating, propounding and wrestling to keep us safe, and to restore our lives from… Continue reading For the Records

Bye Bye Dolls

by Serena Shameem Serena is the younger daughter of Tehmina and Jafar Shameem. She is a student in Grade 2 and to keep herself busy during the Covid period, she stopped talking to her dolls and took up something which to us is more interesting. Please watch the video. Her narration of her effort… Continue reading Bye Bye Dolls