Review: Just Mercy

by Eshan Shameem Just Mercy is a legal drama starring Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx, and Brie Larson. It is based on the story of a lawyer, Bryan Stevenson, who faces racism and police brutality in his fight to free an innocent man called Johnny D. We start with Bryan traveling to Alabama to work… Continue reading Review: Just Mercy


इब्तिदा अनजानों की हिचकिचावट और तकल्लुफ से हुई ,   बहुत जल्द ही ज़िन्दगी के शिरक़त दार शैदाई हो गए सलाहितों के मुज़ाहिरे से सब मक़ासिदे हासिल हुई,   ज़िन्दगी से लुत्फ़ अन्दोज़ हुआ, इत्मीनान रूहानी, दुनियाई मिल गए ibtidaa anjaanon ki hichkichaavt aur taklluf se huee,   bahut jald hi zindgai ke shirkat daar shaidaaee ho gae… Continue reading Tanhai

A Few Humble Words

I do not decry or praise them For me they were mortals in search of power and pelf They built huge armies they had the best weapons with them Their vision stretched not beyond but themself Conquering cities and towns they did with impunity Killing and destruction they accomplished with ferocity The Ceasers, Alexandes, Napoleans… Continue reading A Few Humble Words

The Lotus of Our Hearts

“Sorry son, neither me nor your father have met or beheld or talked to her,” my mother whispered in my ears as we drove down from Faizabad to Unnao. Neither had I seen her or even talked to her as it was not permissible then; moreover, as I was at Nathang, Sikkim, living at 9000… Continue reading The Lotus of Our Hearts

The Universe Wants to Know!

(Picture by Jafar Shameem) Really! Do the two gentlemen in the picture really want to know why a Bollywood actor committed suicide! Are they aliens from another universe? Yet the sensation seeking media through its clamorous and raucous representatives keeps the airwaves and the print media busy day in and out debating and hammering the… Continue reading The Universe Wants to Know!

I love It !

By Saman Jawaid Baqir (Saman is daughter of Sumbul and Jawaid Baqir, who is my youngest brother, who is full time into farming and they also look after a school. They live in  Kichaucha Sharif, a village around 70 kms from Faizabad in Eastern UP. Saman studied in a School in Baskhari which is 6… Continue reading I love It !


In every walk of life in a society leaders materialize, whether born, trained or unwillingly thrust by design or circumstances. However, the person who reigns the country or the nation matters most to us as his actions affect our living.  Political leaders survive as long as their people want them, this happens in a democracy.… Continue reading Leader!

Humne Bhi Duniya Dekhi Hai

(Picture by Jafar Shameem) Humne bhi duniya dekhi hai Bulundy se Badlon ki suhbat mein Neeche behad Shandar qudarti aur insani takhliquen hai Qayam hain sab barqarar Khamoshi mein Karte hain hum  safar din raat apne guzare ke liye Na Khauf mausam ka, na hi badalon ke takrane ka Khaliq ke hum nazdik hain, woh… Continue reading Humne Bhi Duniya Dekhi Hai

“Office” a Review

by Eshan Shameem The TV Serial  “Office” by NBC is one of my most favorites shows of all time. It has great storytelling, great character development, and great jokes. It has won five Emmy's and Steve Carell won a Golden Globe for best actor while on the show. In the review I would like to… Continue reading “Office” a Review


By Colonel VN Thapar (Colonel VN Thapar is my course mate from National Defence Academy, King Squadron. I consider it a compliment to include a write up by him on a book written by him baring the facts that led to the martyrdom of his very dear son in the Kargil battle. From my comprehension… Continue reading THE LIFE OF A KARGIL WAR HERO