An Absorbing Experience With Bonsais

Stepped into Fortune Manohar hotel, located at Begumpet, Hyderabad and walked through the corridor lined with flower pots with Bonsai plants of different vaiety. Entered the convention hall filled with visitors attending the World Bonsai Convention. Col Zafar Naseem, my younger brother, an ardent Bonsai gardener, left the presentation to educate me about the… Continue reading An Absorbing Experience With Bonsais


Majnun’s Agony – Part III

(Continued from Majnun's Agony - Part II) The doctor heard Yousuf without interrupting him. He glanced at Luyana, seated across the table whenever Yousuf mentioned the issues with his private parts and noticed her looking back at him with no expression. Dr vineet was an Andrologist who had specialized in men's health, particularly relating to… Continue reading Majnun’s Agony – Part III

Majnun’s Agony – Part II

(Continued from Majnun's Agony - Part I) Liyana listened to Yousuf's mother as she narrated the harrowing experience that Najma, their next door neighbour underwent. She was diagnozed as having Lukemia cancer, three years after she had delivered her second child. Her husband worked as peshkar (manager who presents papers and letters to the judge)… Continue reading Majnun’s Agony – Part II

Majnun’s Agony – Part I

It was not that he was chasing skirts and was a forlorn lover, the reverse was in effect. Females in his village from sixteen to sixty years were in love with him. They called him ‘my Majnun’ (a person madly in love) though he avoided them. He was tall with rugged looks. His head was… Continue reading Majnun’s Agony – Part I

In Knowledge We Trust

“The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values." - WS Burroughs "Knowledge is Power." - Francis Beacon Our attempt is to impart values and the power through knowledge to young minds especially in rural enviroment, the cradle of of our country. A modest begining has commenced the details of which… Continue reading In Knowledge We Trust

A Few Snap Shots : School Reunion

Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven. - Tryon Edwards Yes the latter is, and felt it in the earlier and in this School Reunion; though the gap between the two was fairly apart due to my intransigent and lethargic posture. I landed at Bangaluru, welcomed by… Continue reading A Few Snap Shots : School Reunion

If Maternity Ward Walls Could Speak!

By Dr Mahrukh Zaidi, MBBS, doing MD in Gyaenocolgy from Lady Hardinge Medical college New Delhi. Her parents are Tashi and Asad Zaidi. If maternity ward walls could talk Where would they begin their story? Would they talk about the naivety of final year medical students strutting around in their pristine white coats Or would… Continue reading If Maternity Ward Walls Could Speak!

Prayer Time & Spot

Arrived at the air port well ahead of time; much before the Emirate counter opened. Sat in a designated spot to relax and catch up with some leftover sleep. On opening the eyes looked around and noticed the rather peculiar counter at some distance. Curiosity always takes over so it did now. Went over and… Continue reading Prayer Time & Spot