Family Esthetics – 1

I treasure my childrens artistic forays in their childhood and often view them with delight from the pages kept in a file in the table drawyer. That they later preferred a very different passion is undertandable. Everyone to their own inclinations! Yet the urge is ever presnt to find fresh talent whose creativity may reach… Continue reading Family Esthetics – 1


Safarnama Nepal – Barkatpur -1

Giving a break for a while to Khatmandu, we move along to find interesting sights, sounds, people and their crafts. Sharing the tour of the small and yet a historical town, Barkatpur. We will leave its historical essence for later, let us enjoy a few presentations from this interesting place in this and subsequent blogs.… Continue reading Safarnama Nepal – Barkatpur -1


The Clinic as the name signifies is dedicated to my wife Nilofar Shameem, who left behind a legacy filled with love, dedication, compassion, care and concern, especially for the weaker section of our society. It took me and Abbas my nephew (sister Naheed’s younger son) a number of days to select a suitable location for… Continue reading NILOFAR EYE CLINIC: INAUGURATION.

Safarnama: Nepal-Kathmandu-1

At the invitation of Samira and Badri Luitel, the in laws of Baqar Shameem, our son, I undertook the journey to Nepal. Baqar and his younger son Ayan who stay in Delaware, USA, after visiting Portugal and Spain landed at our residence at Secunderabad to escort me, Pooja Shameem and Eshan the elder son had… Continue reading Safarnama: Nepal-Kathmandu-1

Understanding Sedition

By Maj Gen SG Vombatkere VSM (Retd) This writer is not a legal practitioner and not educationally qualified in law. However, being one among the several Petitioners challenging the sedition law IPC Section 124A in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, in which the cases are sub judice, what follows is a layperson’s understanding on… Continue reading Understanding Sedition

Meher Academy – A begining

Meher Academy, started two years back is dedicated to my late mother Mehtun Nisa Begum. It is located in Kichaucha Sharif village which is 40 kms from Azamgarh in Eastern UP.My ancestral village home where my mother used to stay very often is presently converted into classrooms for the students. Presently the school is up… Continue reading Meher Academy – A begining