Marabelle’s Story



Yameena Shameem

Marabelle was walking in town square, daydreaming. She was dreaming of a sunny day, walking on damp grass, plucking daisies for her mother who had passed away only a year ago. But Marabelle’s daydream didn’t really match reality. It actually was a rainy day, with gray clouds soaking a person head to toe with only a drop of rain. It almost seemed like the clouds were cruelly smiling down at the miserable people, proud of their work. Finally, she came back from her daydream. She was lost.

“Dad? Timothy? Skye?” she called. 

No answer. She never liked her dad or her older brother Timothy anyways, but she was very close to Skye, her older sister and the oldest sibling of the Walters family. Her dad used to be so funny and kind, but after her mother passed away, he turned into a horrible man. Marabelle sometimes missed his kind eyes and how he used to give her piggyback rides, but that all ended after the tragedy of her mother’s death.  She looked down at her dress and saw that she was soaking. Her family was quite wealthy, but she hated being rich. All of the kids in school made fun of her because she always wore fancy, expensive clothes to school. She looked at her short, black, curly hair and saw that it was just as wet as her dress. But right now, she went back to thinking on how to get dry and safe.

She ran towards the shops, but they were all closed. Damn! Its flippin’ sunday! She thought. But just now, for the first time, she actually wanted to go home. She was very shocked. Do I have hypothermia?? She asked herself. Ok, I need shelter. But first I need to eat dinner. I’m hungry. Ugh!! No! her thoughts kept drifting from how to find a place to dry up, to something irrelevant. 

She ran out of town square towards surrounding neighborhoods. She tried to decide which one to go in. She saw a sign that had bright colors and said “The Alpine Neighborhoods Gives You a Warm Welcome!” 

As she was walking through Alpine, she saw that almost all of the houses had their lights off even though it was only 7:00 pm. Of course she didn’t want to disturb anyone, so she tried looking for houses with lights on. Finally, she found the right house. She knocked on the door and saw a proud sign, declaring that Mr. Klein inhabited the household. When the door opened, she saw a chubby old man with sagging wrinkles and a mouth that reminded Marabelle of an old snapping turtle she saw at the zoo.

  “Hello sir may I please bo-” she was cut off. 

“Now look, I don’t want any of your damn girl scout cookies, ok? I’m already quite fat, and my doctor said I need to lose some weight.” he snapped (you could see why Mr. Klein reminded Marabelle of a snapping turtle). 

“Sir, I don’t think you understand. I am not a girl scout, I just need to bor-” Marabelle was cut off again. 

“Tellin’ lies now, are we? You can’t mislead me from Dr. Angela’s orders, can ya? Don’t you dare get difficult.” he scratched his bald head, ”Well, now you leave me no choice but to inform everyone about ya. Do you mind if I take a picture, or should I-”

Marabelle cut off Mr. Klein by slamming the door shut and leaving his house. This is when I’m glad I have a rich father with private property. She thought to herself. 

After awhile, she found a road with all of their lights on. She tried to ask the residents for using their telephone. The first house had an old lady named Ms. Harris who didn’t even know what a telephone was. The second, third, fourth, and fifth all behaved like Mr. Klein and shut her out. The sixth house had an old man named Mr. Tad who thought she was a serial killer and started dialing 911. She then walked over to the final house on the road and saw that it was rickety and looked over 100 years old. 

“Looks can be deceiving.” she recalled Skye saying. 

She decided that this quote applied to this house, so she went and knocked on the door, hoping that this person would be kind and welcoming, and help her get home.

Finally, Marabelle heard the door creak open and saw a young woman, probably 20-22, with long, black, wavy hair and sky blue eyes that had a warm sparkle to them. The woman’s eyes reminded her of her mother’s eyes.

“Are you who I think you are?” the woman asked Marabelle.

 “Um.. who are you thinking of?” Marabelle said back.

 “Hmm…. short black hair, silver eyes, pale face, oh yes! You are my niece! Marabelle Luna Walters! Please, please come in!” the woman squealed. 

“B-but I have already met all of my fathers sisters! I-I don’t really know you.” Marabelle said, suddenly uncomfortable. 

“Oh you silly girl! I am your mom’s sister! You can call me Aunt Diane. Aren’t you the big daydreamer in your family? Oh! I also have a few pins for you to add to your collection!” she said. I think this woman is weird, crazy, and a stalker. Marabelle thought to herself. 

“Well that’s rude.” Aunt Diane remarked. 

“What are you talking about?” Marabelle said, confused and frightened at the same time. 

“Well, it is not very nice to call your own aunt a stalker. Or crazy. Or weird.” she said. “Well I’m sorry but you just read my mind and told me my hobbies and habits and I just met you a few seconds ago! So I think I have a right to call you crazy!” Marabelle shouted. But Aunt Diane still smiled and said:

“Come in dear, let’s have a talk over a cup of cocoa.”   

 Marabelle goes inside, trying to trust her “Aunt Diane”. 

“I see you don’t fully trust me, so I will show you my birth certificate and a few pictures of me and Louise.” she randomly said. 

Marabelle realized that it would be hard to keep secrets from Aunt Diane. 

“Excuse me if I am being rude Aunt Diane, but I still am thinking you are seriously crazy.” she said. 

“Why do you think so.” Aunt Diane firmly asked. 

“Because you can read my mind!” she replied, agitated. 

“After the cocoa is done, I will tell you everything and prove it.” Aunt Diane said.

After the cocoa was done, Aunt Diane went to the side of the table Marabelle was sitting and took Marabelle’s cup. She handed over her birth certificate and a few pictures of her mom with her. 

“Okay, okay, I believe you are my aunt.” Marabelle said, “but I have another question, how do you read minds!?” 

Aunt Diane took a long, hard look at Marabelle and then folded her hands on the table. 

“Good question, I was gifted with this strange ability because when I was your age, I really wanted to know what was going on inside others head, so one day while walking  I found a token on the side of the road with my name on it. On the token was also written ‘ wish anything and it will be granted.’So, I wished that I should read the minds of everyone. Now, I regret it.” she firmly said sighed.

 “Now, darling I will take you to your room and when it is morning, you can ask me all  the questions you have.” Diane said holding her hand leading up to her room, which was very fancy and had a king size bed. It had many gifts like more pins for her collection, a certain corner with a couch for daydreaming, and a personal telephone. It was decorated with her favorite colors, mint green and baby blue, and had her name on a sign above her bed. She also had a walking closet full of clothes and a desk full of all sorts of paper and pens. 

“Wow, thank you so much!” Marabelle exclaimed. 

“ You are so welcome! Now off to sleep with you.” Aunt Diane said, and that is exactly what Marabelle did.   

Her dream that night was very interesting. She dreamt that Aunt Diane had captured her mother and put her a secret room in her bedroom. She saw Timothy and Aunt Diane torturing her. She screamed out  to her father who was apparently in the kitchen and didn’t answer. Instead, he came snatched Skye and threw her into the cellar with her mom.

 “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Marabelle screamed and pounded the cellar door with a hammer. 

Help us, Marabelle, help us. Help us Marabelle, help us. Help us Marabelle, help usss!” she heard these words chanting, made her head spin and throb like there was an angry bull inside her it and was trying to get out. 

She finally woke up and saw Aunt Diane in front of her and looking very worried. She passed out…

 “Oh Marabelle! Will she be ok?” Marabelle woke up to hear Skye’s voice. 

“She will be fine. She just passed out.” she heard Aunt Diane say. 

“You must think that I don’t know anything about you…you… witch! I know that you have my mother! I saw! Y-you kidnap her! And in fact I am here to rescue my mother.” Skye said firmly. 

“Ha! You really think that I would just hand her over her to you! Ha! You stupid little girl!” Aunt Diane laughed. 

What? What did Aunt Diane do to my mother? Marabelle asked herself. 

“I’ll give you anything! Money! A better home! A job! Anything! Anything!” Skye cried. “No. This is the ancient house that your ancestors used to own. I can’t leave it for anything that you give!” Aunt Diane said crossly. 

“NO! WAIT! PLEASE!” Skye sobbed. 

“Wait… how did you find this house?” Aunt Diane asked. “My house is supposed to be invisible. How did you get here.” Aunt Diane asked. 

“W-what do you mean? It was just at the end of the road.” Skye said. Aunt Diane didn’t say anything. She just walked away. She came back with a chain.

”I should have done this before, Skye, but now it seems to me that you are asking for it.” Aunt Diane said. 

Marabelle felt angry. She shouldn’t have trusted her. 

“NOOOOOOOO!” Skye screamed. Marabelle woke up. She looked from Skye to Aunt Diane. 


Her aunt looked outraged. She snatched both of them and threw them in the dungeon. 

“You better stay here, you spoiled kids!” Aunt Diane hissed. 

Marabelle thought she saw a snake tongue come out of her mouth as she slammed the cellar door. 

Skye? Marabelle? Is that you?” a weak but familiar voice said. 

“Mom?!” Marabelle asked, very shocked. 

Yes! It is us mom!” Skye shouted in joy. 

Marabelle spotted a girl in the corner that looked about her age.

 “Mom? Why are there other people here?” Marabelle said as she spotted other people. 

“Your aunt has been on a great scheme to capture the part of our family who has been part of an organization we created.” Mom replied.

 “What organization? And if there are only people who were part of that organization, why is that little kid here?” Skye asked. 

“Oh my! You have so many questions! Let me tell you a story…” he mother sighed and narrated.

 “Very long back, your great-great-great grandparents created a family organization.  Your father continued with it and kept it going. The organization was supposed to help crime and solve mysteries. It also sent spies. When the time came for me and your dad to run the company, your Aunt Diane became jealous. She knew that I would put her in jail for what she did. She betrayed our family. She worked with our arch enemy, Cole Clar. She captured a lot of our family members and hurt them. I left the organization because I had you at that time. I told Diane that she could be in charge for the next few years so she could earn back my trust. A couple of days after Marabelle turned 10, she had the whole organization under her control. She captured me and the rest of our family. Your dad has been in hiding ever since. You all were her next target.” her Mom said. 

“But that doesn’t answer my real question. Why are there children here?” Marabelle asked. 

“Oh that! Of course. That is your cousin, Ariah. She is Diane’s daughter!” Mom said. Her jaw dropped. 

“Hold up! Aunt Diane had a daughter!?” Skye asked amazed and confused at the same time. 

“Your Aunt was married to your dads best friend. They had a daughter after you were born, Marabelle.” Mom exclaimed. 

“Thanks for explaining Mom, but now, we have to find a way to get out of here!!” Marabelle said. She saw a bunch of spiders and got a little freaked out. 

“Oh Louise! Are those you two little girls? They look quite old to me.” Said an unfamiliar voice. 

Her voice sounded really annoying. Marabelle turned around to see a woman that looked like a mix of Aunt Diane and Mom. She had blonde locks like mom, but blue eyes like Aunt Diane. She looked like she was at least a year older than Diane. “Yes, Elizabeth. What a shame you couldn’t come to see them.” Said Mom sarcastically. “Who the heck is that!?” Skye asked. 

“Oh that’s my other sister, Elizabeth Maryland.” Mom said, annoyed. 

“Maryland!? Her middle name is Maryland?! That is a weird middle name!” Laughed Marabelle. Aunt Elizabeth was not very happy though. 

“Making fun of your family is a sin. Have you not disciplined your kids, Louise? They are very disrespectful,” said Aunt Elizabeth. 

“Well kids, let’s meet the rest of your family.” Mom said, ignoring Aunt Elizabeth. 

“Now we are going to meet my older sister, your Aunt Alyssa Claire. She is the only person who is normal in this family.” Said Mom. 

Marabelle looked behind her to see Aunt Elizabeth staring at her in such a cold way, it made Marabelle feel like she was in a bucket of ice. She looked back  and sped away from her. 

 “Alyssa! Marabelle and Skye are here! Come!” Mom called. A woman with hazel brown hair with purple streaks came rushing over. She had sea green eyes just like Mom. She was tall and slim. 

“Oh my! They are so grown up now! I came when Marabelle was born! Now look at her! Oh Skylar! You remember me, right?” Aunt Alyssa asked. 

“Of course I do! You are my favorite aunt! And I would prefer to be called Skye, thank you.” Skye said politely. 

“Ok Skye, Hazel, Jasmine, Jayda, Jennifer, Jacqueline, Paige, and Clarabelle will be so pleased to see you! Why, here they are! Clarabelle is about your age, Marabelle. Oh and Hazel is also about your age, Skye!” Aunt Alyssa exclaimed. 

The older six looked almost exactly the same (they were lined up oldest to youngest), the oldest, Hazel, had hazel brown hair and hazel eyes. Jasmine, Jacqueline, Jayda, and Jennifer all had hazel brown hair and pale blue eyes. They looked like quadruplets. Paige also had hazel brown hair but she had eyes like Aunt Alyssa. But Clarabelle, the youngest, looked nothing like her older sisters; she had platinum blonde hair and silver eyes like Marabelle. But then again, Marabelle looked nothing like the rest of her immediate family.

  “Hazel is the oldest, and all the girls whose names start with a ‘j’ are quadruplets with Jay being the oldest of them, and then there is me (Paige), and then there is Clarabelle” Paige said, smiling. 

“Yeah, aunt Louise has told us all about you guys!! I just can’t believe we finally get to meet you!!” Jasmine (she prefers Jazzy) excitedly said. 

She had her hair in a messy bun and was really tall. Marabelle looked around and realized Aunt Diane captured her entire family!! There were people everywhere! 

“How did Diane get a hold of you guys?” asked Skye.

“She made our mom call our schools and tell them that Diane was picking us up and we thought we could trust her so we went with her and then she threw us into this horrid place.” Jayda (Jay) explained.

 “Oh wow, I’m so sorry about that.” Marabelle said. 

“Well, it’s not THAT bad here. Aunt Diane still gives us good food and comfy-ish beds.” Jazzy said, jokingly.

“So anyways, does anyone have an idea on how to get the heck outta here! I have a plan?”Marabelle said, giving the details.

“Thats crazy! We can’t do that! That is suicide!” Hazel said. 

“Well we haven’t heard any other good ideas. Everyone for Marabelle’s plan say ‘I’” Jennifer (jenni) said.

Everyone said “I” except for Hazel.

“OK, ok, fine. But if we get caught and Aunt Diane ends up killing all of us, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Hazel said.

Clarabelle hadn’t said anything at all. Marabelle kept wondering why she doesn’t look like the rest of her sisters. Clarabelle was probably thinking about the same thing for her.

“Ok let’s take a break for a few minutes because I need to think” Joselin said.

“OK fine, lets relax for 10 min EXACTLY” Marabelle agreed. 

They sat down and after sometime repeated the steps of Marabelle’s plan.

“So first, Marabelle fakes to Diane that she wants to join her in her evil plan” Joselin started.

“Wait, what exactly IS her plan” Jazzy asked. 

Everyone sighed. “Oh Yeaaaahhhh, now I remember!!” Jazzy said.

“Ugh, anyways,” Joselin rolled her eyes and continued, “Then marabelle opens the back door of the dungeon and we all sneak out , and then….. Wait a minute, what about YOU Marabelle?! We can’t just leave you here?!” Joselin said with a concerned voice.
“I’ll just run away later. Don’t worry.” Marabelle said, though a little scared. 

She felt nervous. It was like heading towards the evil instead of getting away from it. She calmed herself with the thought that it was worth the risk. 

Marabelle told the rest of her family about the plan. They all gasped.
“But it’s too dangerous!” someone shouted.

“What about you?!” Said someone else.

“I think its stupid!” Aunt Elizabeth said, in her annoying voice.

 Everyone turned around and stared at her coldly. 

“What are you looking at? I’ve tried this before, and it didn’t work. Plus, she can read your MIND. Ever think about that?” she said, rolling her eyes. 

“Yeah. But for some reason, aunt Diane couldn’t read my mind after I had that weird dream.” Marabelle realized. “ If she had, she would’ve known what my dream was about and try to stop me from coming to mom.” 

“And she didn’t.” Skye added. 

Everyone was silent. Marabelle’s mom and aunt Alyssa exchanged nervous looks. 

“I’ll tell them,” Aunt Alyssa said looking at Mom who nodded. 

“Marabelle, Clarabelle, You both have been…. well.. you guys are different. You guys probably have noticed only you two have silver eyes and look nothing like your immediate family. Well…. Uh…. this is because you guys are magical. You guys have powers to defend yourselves against evil, and absorb some of that power to use against the evil. That’s why Diane can’t get to you. She can read your mind, but that drains a lot of her energy and power. And it seems like she’s not even trying to read your minds because of how powerful you both are. And as much as I think your plan is dangerous, I also think it is well planned out and… well… I think you both should face Diane, together.” Aunt Alyssa said, looking serious. 

Clarabelle’s face turned red. She closed her eyes and started talking,

“Where is Timothy? She’s thinking about how good of a minion Timothy is, oh wait….. oh now she’s saying get out of her head.” Clarabelle muttered.

 It seemed as if Clarabelle already knew about her powers. Marabelle was amazed.


“It’s true.” A voice said. 

Everyone turned around. Marabelle’s dad was standing right there. 

“Our good Timothy Walters has betrayed us all. We need to-” he stopped at the sight of Mom.


He ran over and hugged her. He started sobbing. Everyone was looking at him. Jay ,Jazzy, and Paige looked like they were about to burst out laughing and Hazel, Jenni, and Joselin looked like they were about to cry. 

“Can we please stop this weird stuff and focus on the plan, please.” aunt Elizabeth said in her annoying voice.

“Ok, fine. Why do you have to be so jealous? Plus, I thought you said the plan was stupid.” Mom smirked. 

“Haha, very funny Louise.” aunt Elizabeth said and rolled her eyes. They all laughed. 

“And anyways, Timothy wasn’t acting like himself when Diane took him. He kept mumbling weird things, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying.” Dad said.

“Uh-oh. Thats Diane hypnosis.” Mom said, nervously. 

“But… but that means-” Aunt Elizabeth started, looking scared

“Yes, it means that she inherited his powers. It also means he’s dead.” Aunt Alyssa said, worried.

“We never got to interrogate him.” Dad said, disappointed.. Everyone looked at him and started laughing.   

“Wait… who is dead?” Clarabelle asked, her voice for the first time ever rose above a whisper.

“Cole Clar. Our enemy.” Hazel said. Everyone looked at the ground. They all probably were celebrating on the inside.

“We aren’t evil, so we shouldn’t celebrate.” Jenni said. All of them agreed. 

 “You know, she is my mom, so i can help too since I know her weaknesses.” Ariah said. She looked like she was about to cry. 

“NO! I CAN’T ALLOW YOU! YOU’RE ALL I HAVE LEFT.” a man said. Ariah looked a little bit like him. 

“Andrew? I thought you left to go travel around the world!” Dad exclaimed 

“I did. But when I found out about what Diane was doing, I came back to reason with her. Then she threw me into this place. Ariah defended me, but she was thrown here too. I was in denial for weeks.” Uncle Andrew said.

 Marabelle sighed. There was too much going on. She ran into a far away corner and started panicking. What if she couldn’t do it. What if she couldn’t defeat aunt Diane?.

 Clarabelle came running over also. She sat down a little farther away from her, as if she already knew how she was feeling. She had a sad look on her face.

“A little too much, huh?” Clarabelle asked with a comforting look in her eye

“Yeah. Sometimes, you just need to get away, you know.” Marabelle responded. Clarabelle smiled a little bit. It seemed like it was her first smile in a long time. She reminded Marabelle of Skye. Really good at comforting person understanding, listening, but Clarabelle not nearly as social as Skye. 

“They will never defeat me, I’m the most powerful being ever known! As long as my good for nothing daughter doesn’t tell them what strips away my power, they can never defeat me! Hahahaha!” Aunt Diane’s voice said.

“Did you hear that too?” Marabelle asked Clarabelle. She nodded. They both knew what they had to do.

“Hey, Ariah? Can we talk to you for a minute?”  Clarabelle asked. Ariah nodded. Marabelle signaled them to follow her to a darker side of the dungeon. 

“Do you know what strips away your mom’s power?” Marabelle asked.

“Umm…. yes, yes I do. But it’s really hard to take away her powers because she has gotten so much power from Clar. but…. Umm, you have to be nice to her. Like, really nice. That is her weakness. Kindness. I know it sounds really stupid but its true.” Ariah sighed. “It’s just that so many people have tried, but my mom always knew their true intention. But I was thinking is that she can’t get to you two. So you have to make sure when she tries to get into your head, you just think about being nice to her.” Ariah said.

“Got it, thanks Ariah.” Marabelle said. 

They both walked away and headed towards the metal door through which aunt Diane sends food to them. It was quite small, but big enough to fit them through. Marabelle pulled out her lock opener. She unlocked every single lock easily.

“I’ll go first.” Clarabelle said. 

“Sounds good.” Marabelle said awkwardly. She really didn’t want to go first. Clarabelle climbed through the small doorway. The other side was so dark, it seemed  a tunnel and was extremely long.  

“Come on marabelle! We don’t have much time!” Clarabelle yelled. Marabelle gulped. She didn’t like small spaces. 

“O-ok! I’m coming.” Marabelle said. 

She climbed through with her eyes closed. But not because of her claustrophobia, but because she was thinking : Am I really about to defeat the woman who captured my entire family? She opened her eyes and saw that they were in the pantry room. 

“Come on!” Clarabelle whispered. They were about to open the door, but they heard people fighting.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN  YOU QUIT!” A voice like aunt Diane’s screamed.

“I-I got a better job at a restaurant! Ze best restaurant in the city! Plus, zey offered me 80,000 dollars a YEAR! Much more zan ze average chef! Over here, I only make, what, 1,000 dollars a year? I have a family unlike you! I care for zem instead of throwing zem in a dungeon to rot! Plus, I can’t even take a break here! So zere! I Q-U-I-T QUIT!!!” A man with a very thick french accent was saying.

“Ohh, that man must be the chef! Francis! The one who gives us decent food once in a while! One time, he gave us his best dish! It was like heaven! But he got in huge trouble.” Clarabelle said.

 They kept listening and didn’t dare open the door until Aunt Diane left.


They heard pounding footsteps and the slam of the door.

“Zat stupid Diane wants me to cook food for ze ‘prisoners’. I cannot believe zat she did all of zat to her family! Her own family! What a crazy woman.” Chef Francis muttered.  

They opened the door. Chef Francis’s Bright blue eyes widened. They both signaled him to be quiet.

“How did you escape?” Chef Francis asked them, looking very interested.

“Diane forgot to search Marabelle, so she had a lockpick with her.” Clarabelle said.

“That is very lucky. But run! Before Ms. Diane comes back!” He whispered. 

 Thanked him they ran, quietly creaked opened the door to the kitchen and crept into the dining hall. They looked to see aunt Diane, smirking. They were horrorstruck.

 “Well, well. Look who decided to finally dare to come out of that dungeon. I know you, Clarabelle, I know you are too scared to face me, so you were a disappointment to your family. And you, Marabelle, you have no darn clue what you’re doing. You just want to do it to make your family proud.” Aunt Diane said. She had an evil look in her eye

“I think you got that all wrong. You can’t even get into our heads. So stop making up things and please listen to what we have to say. We want to join you! That dungeon has made us sick and tired! Our family is disappointed in us for not facing you, and we have been excluded in everything!  We really, really, for real want to join you!” Marabelle pleaded. 

“Well, more minions! I didn’t even have to drain all my energy hypnotizing you! Now that’s just luck!” Aunt Diane exclaimed. 

She told them to follow her and took them to a huge bedroom with two soft and plush mattresses on giant queen sized beds. 

“You can go to sleep and then tomorrow we announce this to all of our family!!!” Aunt Diane said excitedly.

She sounded like a kid when their parents told them they were going to go to Disneyland. She walked to the door and turned off the lights and exited the room. Clarabelle and Marabelle waited until they heard her go down the steps and to her own room. 

That was so easy! ‘I didn’t even have to hypnotize them to be my minions. Or maybe they’re tricking me but they seemed like they were telling the truth.’ Marabelle and Clarabelle looked at each other and laughed.

“She actually fell for that!!” Clarabelle whisper-laughed.

“Haha! Her weakness really is kindness!” Marabelle Whispered. They both went to sleep peacefully.

Little did they know that Aunt Diane already knew about their plans through other people. She read the quadruplets minds and her sisters minds to know about the plan. She knew about everything. 

She held a bomb in her hand. She placed one in marabelle and Clarabelle’s room, and planted one in the dungeon. She ran out of the house with sleeping Ariah and hypnotized Timothy. She held the button in her hand to detonate the bombs. She hesitated. Does she really want to do it? To blow up her entire family? To kill everyone she knows. DO IT OR DIE, DIANE. ITS NOT THAT HARD. MAKE A CHOICE! Shouted the annoying voice in her head. It was Cole Clar. 

“This is the end of this story. We win.” She hit the button…

Did the bombs burst? Ha ha_ha ha,,,,,,,, your guess!?___

   ( Ps, if this story sounds real weird and childish and stuff, just note that I started writing this while in the 5th grade and finished it after two long years, thank you for your patience.)  

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