A Hero’s Journey



Abbas Ali Husain

As metal clanged Jack parried and side stepped and pointed his sword at his mentor Arthur.

“HAHA!” Jack yelled “got you!”

But he realized he wasn’t able to move and felt he was paralyzed.

 “No!” Arthur said holding his sword close to Jack’s neck,“I got you!.”  He smiled and put down his sword.

“Okay! This is just the sixth day not so bad! We could use a little more magic I guess!” Arthur’s voice echoed through the training hall.

 “Sure,okay! umm.. what about kamikee?- Jack suggested“ 

  “Ugh! Never  use this word! It kills you and your allies! Ugh Not kamikee!” Arthur yelled at him with annoyance.

“Okay sheesh, calm down” jack replied. 

“ I have something to give you. Let me get it” after a few minutes of awkwardness Arthur  said and walked away from Jack. 

He left Jack who could not see him, and soon returned with a sheathed sword  which had pictures imprinted on the sheath.

” I was supposed to give this to you later, but I have to go somewhere for an important assignment” Arthur told Jack.  

“Where?” Jack asked him. 

“Somewhere secret.” Arthur whispered. and gave the sheathed sword  to Jack. “Now be careful this is a very dangerous weapon, also it is forged by the best in Hues-town so handle it like a king.”Arthur said.

 “Cool! Do I get to keep it?” Jack asked him. 

“Yes you can, it is your” Arthur replied. 

“Wow” Jack shouted out in amazement.

“Now follow me.” Arthur instructed Jack as he proceeded on a narrow staircase

leading to the exit. “OK, unsheath your sword now,” Arthur told Jack, who pulled out the sword from the sheath.

“You will notice  that there is a hole on the blade near the guard,” Arthur told Jack. 

Jack looked at the unsheathed the sword and found the odd etchings of old symbols on it. When he looked at the space near guard of the handle he saw there were no side bars to protect his hands. Instead there was metal plating around an orange circular connector in the shape of a  C. On its metal plating there were three large spikes for offensive attacks. Arthur took him outside and showed him the space in the middle of the connector.

“This is crazy cool!”Jack said.

“ You have to now, make your way to the troll forest where you will find a red gem on a pedestal which will fit in the space of your sword,” Arthur instructed Jack.

To his horror, Jack watched in terror the horde of riding henchmen attacking Arthur and ripping open his  stomach. They were attacking the villagers and terrorizing the town. Jack ran into an alleyway to save himself and kept questioning,“Why him? it could have been anyone but why my mentor?”

He sprinted all the way back to his house only to watch it burn by the raiders. There were no signs of his mom. “Why her?” Jack sobbed.

As the raiders left. Jack came out from hiding and saw a little pouch lying on the rubble. He picked up the pouch and opened. A  glow from the pouch grew hit his eyes. 

“This must be very intriguing” Jack murmured in excitement, though feeling sad for those who were killed. He trotted back to his mentors house and sat down to have a good look at the pouch. Was it a trap? With caution he opened the pouch though he thought it was risky. He closed his eyes, but nothing happened so he opened it and looked inside the pouch. He felt that he was  witnessing the most miraculous red gem inside the pouch. 

“Wow… that’s magical” Jack cried out in awe, “wait a minute… the gem is from the troll forest!’” 

He took out the gem from the pouch, held up his sword  and put the gem in the connecter in the guard. All of a sudden, a giant powerful blast threw him back. He watched his sword fly up and a map emitted from the gem.

 “ I see that you are the one who was chosen to wield the divine sword.” the sword said.

 “ Arthur gave me the sword but he never told me about a talking sword.” Jack said in surprise.

 “ Excuse me! I prefer to be called Xavier! Thank you very much!” Xavier said. “What do you want from me Exavier?” Jack asked annoyed 

“ I want to help you!” Xavier said. 

Suddenly the two heard the sound of footsteps on rubble outside. 

“Quickly hide me! No one must see me!” Xavier cried out. Both hid in alleway until there was silence outside.

 “Why can no one see you ?” Jack asked Xavier. 

“Well if someone sees me while talking to you I won’t be able to teach you. You need to learn. My life force will go and I will become a mere weapon in case I seen while talking” Xavier said,

 “ However you can always re-summon me when you need me,” Xavier added.

 “ Please tell me immediately how to resummon you!” Jack requested.

They heard footsteps from outside coming nearer to them.

 “ You have to rotate the gem until you see the dragon carving’ and then you have to press on it!  Goodbye for now, Jack!” Xavier said the sword and fell into Jack’s hands just in time. 

Jack saw a raider scouting for any leftovers. He silently ran up and but the raider took a swing at him,  Jack swerved out of the way and cut the raiders fingers. He dropped his weapon allowing Jack to slice his funny bone. The raider fell down crying out loudly in pain and alerting all the other scouters. Jack ran away from the building into the fields with the raiders right behind him. To his luck a monstrous beast picked them off one by one and sent them to his children.

 “ Oh my god! Oh my God!!” Jack screeching in fear as the beast picked him.

  Jack took a wild swing across the monsters leg who let him go. Jack caught onto its leg kept dangling, before he flipped himself onto the monsters back, luckily missing the spikes sticking out right in front of him.

 “Okay birdo were heading to Vermont castle, to get back at the dark king…” he told the monster.

To be continued…

Abbas studies in the fifth grade at Stanley Elementary School at Houston. He is presently spending quality time with his cousins and Badi Nani at Boston.




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