A Delightful Treat!

My son Baqar, (Faizi domestically) stays in Hockessin, Delaware, USA and his next door neighbors are Tassadaq Uppal and family. They are US citizens of Pakistani origin and no imaginary boundary line divides us. Their Punjabiat is no different from those of my very dear friends back in India; I feel the same resonance and the warmth in their lingo and the jhappees! A few days back Faizi drove us to a New Jersey hotel to share their Joy on the occasion of the marriage of their son. Through a few pictures and videos  permit me to share it with you too!


Ayaan our grandson writes on the leaf of the tree to announce our presence during the function. He wrote “Our best wishes to the married couple” and signed.


Faizi with his sons Eshan, Ayaan and mom. Incidentally it was snowing outside, their summer attire kept them warm inside the hall!


All set to enjoy the party!

Greeting the Uppals. Tassadaq has the garland around his neck.

House full!  We arrived late and shared the last row table with the bride’s friends. They  were participating in such a marriage  for the first time and enjoyed the evening filled with songs, dances and delicious cuisine! The music drowned most of our conversation.

The bride arrives! Surprised? No purdah or curtain! And she in her regal attire  surrounded by men?! Wow the world has certainly changed. I saw my wife’s face only in “Aarsi Musaf”, a face seeing ceremony held well after the marriage had been solemnized. I did not see her face directly but in the mirror and that for the first time! I still relish the thought, though then I did want her to open her eyes at least!

The bride and bride groom’s father pose for the invitees.

Soon the gents take the floor and dance with gusto to the beatings of the drum. I am here reminded of an incident. Quite long back my wife’s cousin brother was getting married and he with his friends decided to play recorded music as they assembled for the ceremony to commence. The moment the first beats of the song sounded, the Maulana (clergy) collected his thoub and got up to leave the marriage hall. In no uncertain words he castigated the hosts, pointing out that music was haram (forbidden).  After considerable persuasion and cajoling he reluctantly performed the ritual.

How can men have all the fun! The ladies can not be left behind! OMG, I am still recovering from the perception of those who give labels and tags to communities and their beliefs such as fundamentalists, rightists, orthodox, and so on. Personally, I feel to have such general view is misleading and counterproductive.

Maulana marks his presence by offering blessings in Arabic and translates into English. May God bless the Maulana and nurture all other in the same mould! Am I asking for the moon!?!

Yes it is ‘Ajeeb Dastaan’! Very pleasantly Ajeeb. Time to leave our friends around us and also to wish the married couple a never ending happy and joyous married life.


The parting gift! Thank you Tassadaqs!


The twosome, Nilofar Shameem and Noreen Uppal (bride groom’s mother). Nilofar always remembers Noreen visiting her in Boston from Delaware to wish her to get well. Dosti sirf baton se nahi hothi, use har halaat mein nibhana hai! (Friendship is not only through talking, it has to be fulfilled in every condition)









2 thoughts on “A Delightful Treat!”

  1. Thank you for sharing the photo’s of this joyous wedding. I kind of feel home sick. Special celebrations like these used to keep relations, friends and neighbours bound to each other. Our communities have adapted well to the new homeland, that is a good thing.

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    1. Thank you Jai. Yes our generation has to bear the burden of unforced separation fro our relatives and friends back home. Hopefully the generations following will assimilate and remove the kinks in the ongoing relationships.


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