Love grows in the fields!

(Picture by Jafar Shameem)

Those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself!

This has been happening over the ages and yet it continues to happen every other day on one pretext or the other. Is there a country where ‘hate’ has not destroyed the  humanistic fabric of its society? Where an individual or few individuals through their influenced ethnic and religious supremacy, ideological renegade radicalism and conservatism, neo Nazism and fascism, identitarianism and propagated conspiracy theories, spread hate leading to disastrous consequences.

Culturally, the perpetrators spread their dominance by annihilating completely or partially (and then suppressing) competing forms and practices. Eliminationist assaults almost always substantially homoge­nize a country, not only politically and socially but in every aspect. The perpetrators often destroy and expel people precisely because they bear despised or rival cultural ideas and practices. This is particularly evident when religion is the impetus for one leadership and group to slaughter or eliminate another. Religious leaders’ support of mass mur­derers and their eliminationist goals often shocks, though it should not! The perpetrators know that destroying the victims’ cultural institu­tions, objects, and artifacts further undermines them. 


Graffiti on the Berlin Wall

(Picture by Jafar Shameem)

Serbs, as a self-conscious attempt to eradicate all vestiges of and the foundations for Muslim life in the hoped-for greater Serbia, systematically destroyed mosques and entire Bosniak and Kosovar vil­lages, as the Germans before them had destroyed hundreds of Polish areas they wished to Germanify. Serbs purposely shelled the major cultural institutions in Bosnia’s capital, Sarajevo, as they sought not only to eliminate Bosniaks from Bosnia but also to oblit­erate their communal and cultural existence foundation. They first destroyed the Oriental Institute, burning the largest collection of Islamic and Jewish manuscripts in southeastern Europe, then the National Museum, and finally the National Library, incinerating more than one million books, more than 100,000 manuscripts and rare books, and centuries of the country’s historical records. 


The Great Chinese Wall

(Picture by Jafar Shameem)

Communists routinely destroyed or appropri­ated for other uses churches, temples, and other buildings belonging to different religions. The Germans destroyed or burned more than 250 synagogues in Germany alone. Croats, in their own eliminationist assault on Serbs and Bosniaks, did the same to Orthodox churches and mosques.

Perpetrators target not just the victim groups’ religious build­ings and symbols but also their religious leaders. Of the ten thousand Tibetans the Chinese slaughtered in suppressing a rebellion in the cap­ital of Lhasa in 1959, they killed eight hundred Buddhist monks

The perpetrators do butcher the political, social, economic, and cul­tural spheres of their society or of other countries, yet their most im­mediate objects of transformation are the individual bodies and psyches of their victims—of those left alive and even often, before striking the lethal blow, those they kill.


Mao Tse Tung’s Tomb on Tiananmen Square

(Picture by Jafar Shameem)

 Mass murders and eliminations ultimately leave a more thoroughgoing mark on societies and set more profound processes of change in motion than virtually any other kind of politics or individual program. For many societies afflicted by such politics, eliminationist and exterminationist programs are the most profound of any political program that takes place within their extended time pe­riod, rivaling or exceeding even the effects of major economic growth. In many instances, these transformative effects are part of a visionary goal of creating a new society, radically transforming it, often be­yond recognition, altogether in a somewhat different manner.

By blaming the Jews for the defeat, Hitler created a stereotypical enemy. In the 1920s and early 1930s, the defeated country was still in a major economic crisis. According to the Nazis, expelling the Jews was the solution to the problems in Germany.

Is this happening here, in India?

A favourite writer, Ernest Hemingway maintained that “The world is a fine place and worth  the fighting for, and I hate very much to leave it!” I suppose he meant it figuratively as in most ‘fights’ you normally do exit permanently! He certainly would have ‘loved’ to live in the world we all want to, certainly, including me!   

“I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can’t stop eating peanuts!” 

Orson Welles

I have stopped both!


Do shed hate and love the Nature’s creations!

(Picture by Jafar Shameem)

Thank you Jafar for allowing me to display your exquisite and beautiful pictures! To watch and enjoy pictures captured by him please please log on to https://www.jafar.com/


5 thoughts on “Hate!”

  1. A purely analytical piece where the Author, nearer home, glaringly hesitates to call a spade, a spade, and does not offer any practical solution to counter hate. Hate starts with 1.Speech and culminates in destructive 2. Actions and Hate has a magnetic barbarism which attracts hordes of under-educated, unemployed youths and vagabonds. Sensing potential vote strength which will translate into power, the politicians move in to assume leadership. So the first step is to stop Hate Speech and the silent majority must not tolerate this and counter with as much noise as possible. If left unchecked hate speech propagates hateful actions that destroy the very fabric of a civilized society for at least two generations.


  2. Sir,
    Thanks for a thought provoking article.closer home ,we too ,witnessed ,the burning of the libraries,destruction of religious places over past centuries.The fault lines of religions,ideologies,civilisations,political thoughts ,when combined with unbridled power,arrogance and might of the sword/weapon provides a heady cocktail.In india ,since independence a narrative was in place,now with the emergence of right wing ideology,the polarisation and division on communal lines is likely to stay.A recent article of Lt Gen P G Kamath while reviewing a book is worth reading.Any right thinking Indian will develop a hatred for the rulers of yester years,since independence.An aggressive,assertive,honest prime minister keeps gaining popularity day by day.The old regime and other opposition are in complete disarray.As long as development is the mission and the quality of life improves, there is no alternative.The resurgence of the wounded hindu pride is a reality.
    I kept my views confined to india .The corona virus may bring in some sanity.A new world order with less hate more love and compassion may emerge.India may emerge as an alternative supply chain provider,provider quality goods in all sectors at competetive prices can be made in india as part of make in india initiative by the present governament.


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