Review: Just Mercy


Eshan Shameem

Just Mercy is a legal drama starring Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx, and Brie Larson. It is based on the story of a lawyer, Bryan Stevenson, who faces racism and police brutality in his fight to free an innocent man called Johnny D.

We start with Bryan traveling to Alabama to work as a lawyer who works to help people who cannot afford proper legal representation. We then meet Eva Ansley who will be his business partner. Bryan then travels to a prison to meet some death row inmates and develops an increased interest in a man named Johnny D. who was framed for the murder of a young girl.

We later learn that a convict called Ralph Myers is the reason that he is in jail, and that he was bribed into making a false testimony to arrest Johnny D. Bryan later convinces Myers to tell the truth about the Johnny D, in a new trial case. After Ralph Myers confesses, all charges are dropped.

I do not have many experiences that are connected to this film, but I can think of one. In my old school I had a teacher who was fired because of his racism. One time, in geography class, everybody was asking one another for help to understand a lesson. My teacher, who did not appreciate this, singled me out: he threw me out of class and gave me a write-up. Later on, some of my Asian friends told me that they also had some similar racist experiences with this teacher.

The events happening in the real world do connect to this film very well. I think the murder of Ahmaud Arbery is very similar to the case of Johnny D. He was a regular runner who went into a house that was under construction. From an article that I read, it was normal for many runners to actually stop at that place to rest. Two men, who are not even police officers, saw Ahmaud and kept following him in the a car until they shot him down while he was resting. There was just no reason for the men to kill Ahmaud.

Some questions I have about this movie are:

1. What happened to the main sheriff that was so unjust and heartless after Bryan freed Johnny D? I wonder if he got fired or he was allowed to stay on duty? After what he did I know many people would want him fired or in prison?

2. How hard was it for Bryan to get into Harvard? I would think that it would be harder for him because of the color of his skin.


2 thoughts on “Review: Just Mercy”

  1. Racism is real and here to stay. Black, white, Caucasian, Asian, Coloured, mongoloid, religion based etc etc will continue as long as human race is there. I have seen the movie and it was touch and go to have got justice in the end.


    1. Thank you. The mind set of a large population of even ‘educated’ persons remains on the anvil. They are stoked by the politicians, religious mafia, social pariahs to preach and practice. If Harari is correct then we all are progenies of the colored aborigines from Africa!


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