Simba My Pet


Ayaan Shameem

(Ayaan insists on proving it was due to his insistence with his mom that Simba is their pet. Now Simba is everyone’s pet! Let us read in his own words as to how he acquired Simba!)

My mom is driving me to the pet store.We have everything ready and we all decided where the pet’s stuff is going to go. We are at the pet store and we are looking at all the dogs and one dog keeps following us. We got that dog and named him Simba.

We were driving home with Simba and he threw up on the way. It was not surprising because he is a puppy. When we got home we played fetch with him and showed him around.

My brother and my dad are so surprised that we got a dog. We show him the inside of the house.  He gets used to it and accidentally goes pee.  We should have seen that coming. We taught him some tricks.

I love my dog Simba and love playing with him.  He is the cutest and naughtiest dog

(During a visit to the apple orchard, Ayaan was ready for us to shoot at the apple on his head! Unfortunately we did not have either the bow or the gun!)


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