Hidden Gems


Baqar Abbas Shameem (Faizi)

(“In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.” Friedrich Nietzche. “In every real human a writer is hidden that wants to write.” Baqir Shameem. Am I wrong ? Search sedately in your heart more than your other faculties! You will agree with me! My endeavor is to promote and ferret out the hidden gems that are kept for exclusive reading or they are lost in transition! Way back in 2009 Faizi addressed this ode to Pooja on her birthday and sketched her with pencils from the box presented to him by her. They are for your eyes now,)

Back to the shore

The feeling of lightness, floating in the air
let the wind carry, no reason to despair.
Finding the purpose, the direction of will
like the waterfall, falling with rage but still looks so still.

To find the purpose, set your mind free
Not elsewhere, its deep within thee.
Success you feel, with a smile in the mirror,
do not mistake for the eyes of others to be that mirror.

(A pencil sketch of Pooja Shameem by Faizi )

Reach your destiny, following your own unique pathway
branching here and there, cherishing what comes along the way
But never leaving the center, always coming back to the core
This is the main path that will lead you to the shore.


(Faizi is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering From Rochester University, NY

and MBA from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY )



1 thought on “Hidden Gems”

  1. Faizi is certainly a man of many parts. His sketch of Pooja is one such talent. However his entreaty to “never leaving the centre, always coming back to the core, this is the main path that will lead you to the shore” is profound indeed. His Gibranish thoughts belie his core competence in the field of exactness in engineering.
    My compliments Faizi.


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