Colorful Phantasm

The gurgled announcement over the speaker was sufficiently loud to wake me from my bleary sleep

We are flying now at our cruising altitude midway to our destination I heard the Captain Speak

The past seven hours had been dreary with disconsolate movies in fettered space suffering insouciant neighbor

The next seven hours will be alike, needed no soothsayer to augur, for the affliction for me to harbor

Resigned to the ordain I looked out through the window and noticed the sky as the sun set

Distinctive colors of different hues and shades were stored in my camera and excited my mind-set

I let my imagination fantasize to relate with the colors the attributes they are said to represent   

As the night set the black of the darkness meant subdued elegance, power, sophistication and strength 

Though as it grew darker, depression, morbidity and illegality rode alongside with equal prominence

The orange did cheer me up, stimulated creativeness with enthusiasm with a bit of aggression

My liberal instincts demanded an affordable cost effective existence

The fringe yellowness in the sky gave me comfort, livelines and seek the attention of the attendant to ease my hunger

The thought of approaching summer overwhelmed me with happiness as I could without conflict optimistically pursue intellectually with complete fervour

I felt at peace and stable with the never ending blue in the sky, as a professional, my favorite color that stood for loyalty, reliability, honor and trust

The winter, coldness, melancholia, boredom does give way to conservatism though democracy remains must  

 My discourse remains limited to the colors in the picture captured through the aircraft window while flying

After the summer the rains follow and bring in the rainbow, should I spend some more hours with more colors quantifying 

Each color represents positivity and negativity of attributes material to my living

The more I search, read and ponder and derive, I could possibly be a better human being!


2 thoughts on “Colorful Phantasm”

  1. Amazing how colours affect ones perceptions, moods and feelings. No wonder there are some practitioners who cure using colour therapy to alter ones mental being.


    1. The practice of wearing hand rings of a particular color to bring in the effect of not only the precious stone but its color is universally common! Yes the colors do play a part in our living! The flip side is racism. Thank you Naidu.


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