Over the Weekends

Like most folks here in Seattle, for us too the weekend is a period of living with nature and outdoors. Every weekend is a different welcome experience. The enjoyment and relaxation in the company of the family and friends does ease and increase the outcome on the days that follow. Sharing a few videos.

Music at the Water Front.

Briefing at the South Union Lake before Kayaking

An hours Kayaking on the lake, maintaining distance from sailing boats, motor boats, ships and hydro crafts
Returning to base.
The Campfire in backyard foliage of Jafar’s friend’s house .

Signal for me to quit taking videos.

Looking forward to the next weekend! Thank you God, family and friends.


1 thought on “Over the Weekends”

  1. Great facilities for refreshing the mind and body.
    Makes one feel envious!!!
    Good share.
    Regards to you sll.


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