Tumhe Nahi Paya

akelapan chod diya kafi arse se
Mud kar dekha, per Tumhe nahin paya

Sochta hoon tum msshghool ho aogi fursat mein
Intezar mein rahta hoon, per tumhe nahin paya

Sunkar saaz khilkhillat mein apne Azizon ki
Tawajah Chokas hui, kaan ho Gaye Khade, per tumhe nahin paya

Dekhkar meethi muskurshat bachon ke chehron per
ho gayi nazron ki aas tumhare hoton ki, per tumhe nahin paya

Naaz andaz se jab pesh aya koi hum khayal
Sahi jawab ke intezar mein ruke, per tumhe nahin paya

Khule Asmaan mein Nazren dhoondthi rahin
Chand hi nikla tha, per tumhe nahin paya

Happy birthday Mummy. We miss you.

As your birthday greets us
We are reminded of you
Even more so today
Of your graceful presence
And the hearty laughters
Your thoughtful givings
And your loving embrace

Your perseverance
Through life’s toughest moments
Your fortitude
That bore an unimaginable pain
Quietly and gracefully each day
Still thinking of others instead
Is an inspiration for us who remain

You left us with irreplaceable void
But imparted an example
Of how to accept each day
As it comes, pleasure or pain
Smiling and carrying on
With hearty laughters
And loving embrace.

Happy birthday Mummy!

Pooja Shameem


3 thoughts on “Tumhe Nahi Paya”

  1. Befitting tribute to the one who loved her life so gracefully. Always there as a pillar of strength for husband and a loving mother for children. A lady who was not only tall in height but also in her deeds and thought. Her friends still misses her her family still look for her. we know she went too soon, but we say God also need good people around. Miss you Barie Mummy, God bless your soul and every heart that you touched.


  2. She would be blessing her loving family and friends from her heavenly abode.
    Warm Regards and Best Wishes to her loved family.


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