Family Esthetics – 1

I treasure my childrens artistic forays in their childhood and often view them with delight from the pages kept in a file in the table drawyer. That they later preferred a very different passion is undertandable. Everyone to their own inclinations! Yet the urge is ever presnt to find fresh talent whose creativity may reach greater heghts if they decide to pusue and persevere in the God given gift to them. One can find no better venue to search than in the dwellings of own family members by meeting the young and upcoming.

While in Lucknow we where overwhelmed with love and care from Irum my neice and Shahnawaz, her husband. We stayed at “The Myst” the hotel they own and run. There I met Binish Fatima their sweet and charming daughter.

Irum, her mom will tell you about her, please do read.

Let us go through her portfolio. The potraits sketched by her.

Her imaginative creations:

The flowers:

Her fingers are kept crossed and so is mine.

May the Lord God bless Binish, her parents and her sweet little sister.


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