The Knight Rider

Very long back, nearly six decades ago as a young Captain I posessed a Jawa mobyke, MHA 4. Rode it as much as I could, anyhere I wanted to. Mahabaleswar was a favourite outing and so was Lonavala for a midnight cup of coffee with friends who wanted a break from calculus and theory of structures! Bygones are pleasantly bygones, the present is here to stay to experience.

However, the past does catch up especially with movies watched and enjoyed, especially the ones which give a bit of kick and jerk; movies such as the Easy Rider revealing social issues in America in the 60s, The Wild One, where Marlon Brando introduced leather-ed-up fashion and Hells Kitchen Culture, and the latest ones featuring Tom Cruise and Nicholas Cage, confronting present criminal activities.

I have mentioned movies which have one common factor viz the mobyke, lead rider and the pack called Peloton, which is French for “platoon.” There is a reason; I have read that there are twelve different types of mobyke riders; I do not intend to name these however I have added another name to the list and that is “The Knight Rider”. He is one of us and what is more he looks and acts like one! Let me share him with you.

Keep riding Sudarshan and reach new goals and greater heights! Many more will volunteer joining the Peleton!


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