A Few Snap Shots : School Reunion

Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven. – Tryon Edwards

Yes the latter is, and felt it in the earlier and in this School Reunion; though the gap between the two was fairly apart due to my intransigent and lethargic posture. I landed at Bangaluru, welcomed by the nightmarish traffic. The weather too was unhelpful! Undeterred attended the Reunion organized by the School Old Boys Association. The School magazine displayed on the reverse of it’s front cover this picture which I am sharing:

To me Mr Mathu was my mentor who overlooked my many shortcomings and forgave my ommisions and deliquencies. In different ways he meant a lot to Nagraj, KP Singh and Manmohan, for them to journey to pay their respects to him. To Shailesh Parikh, the first Gujju admitted in the School, he was his “Guru” whom he remembers and reveres him as an aficianado does. As Guru Dakshina he donated computers and set up lab which he named after his Guru. Do watch and listen to him:


Let us hear a young lady visitor.

And met the Arts teacher

The famous broadcasting room (heard Binaca Geetmala et all) now Barbers hair cutting saloon.

The dormtory in which I slept in the background.

Now its all modern and updated.

Had to meet him.

Did I mention the name of my School? It was King George’s School and Now Rashtriya Military School Bangalore, ranked seventh in a list of best boarding schools in the country.
To me it was always first and will remain first.


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