Safarnama Iraq – Balad

It took the taxi nearly two hours to cover the 32 Km distance from Samrra to Balad. Perhaps due to the inadequacy of water, the landscape in most areas along the highway that we had earlier traversed had appeared arid with scanty vegetation. However, the fields in the Samarra- Balak belt were well attended to and the crops were healthy and protected.

This region faces sectarian conflicts frequently due to which there were a number of incident involving damages to properties and human beings. However, we observed, except for a few checkposts, the absence of armed combatants of either the police or the army. The shrine was damaged due to a blast few years back
Further details concerning this shrine were enumerated by the Maulana in detail. It is an individual choice to accept the narration, which to some may not coincide with their beliefs. Sharing it.

For further information on Balak, you may consider logging on to:,_Iraq

The journey in Iraq ends with the Ziarat at Kazmain and return to Najaf which will be in the next blog.


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