Mourning The Martyrs



Ariana Husain

(The culmination of the ten days mourning period is most difficult, penetrating and heart rendering to the lovers of Imam Hussain Alaihis Salam. On the first day of Muharram the adherents of latter day Wahhabism and Salafism ideologies, with their predilection for that is proscribed in the holy Quran and the greed for power, mortgaged their soul to the devil as their present day disciples, ISIS, Al Qaida, Taliban and the like, are doing. At Karbala they came in thousands, surrounded the camp of Hazrat Imam Hussain the Grandson of Prophet (PBUH), and prevented the access of water from the abutting river. For three days the Imam’s family and followers, of age ranging from three months to seventy years remained thirsty in the scorching heat. On the fourth day ie the tenth of Muharram the Imam and his 72 braves faced the large contingent of the enemy and battled with them individually until their last breath. The Imam was the last martyr.)

Ariana narrates the martyrdom of one of the bravest of brave, Ali Akbar, Imam Hussain’s 18 year old son:

He had a loud and beautiful voice, on the morning of the day of Ashura, Hazrat Imam Hussain asked Ali Akbar to call out the azaan, beckoning his remaining followers to prayer. Hazrat Imam Hussain , and many women in their tents, began to weep when Ali Akbar began calling out the azaan, knowing that it maybe the last time they are hearing Ali Akbar calling the azaan.

Ali Akbar stood in front of Hazrat Imam Hussain after Zuhr prayers and said, “Father I request for permission to go and fight the enemies of Islam.”

His father gave him permission and said, “May Allah be with you! But Akbar, you know how much your mother, sisters, and aunts love you. Go and say farewell to them.” Ali Akbar went into the tent of his mother. Every time he wanted to come out of the tent his mother, aunts, and sisters would pull his cloak and say, “O Akbar, how will we live without you?” Hazrat Imam Hussain had to plead with all to let Ali Akbar go. Hazrat Imam Hussain helped his son mount his horse. As Akbar began to ride towards the battlefield he heard footsteps behind him. He looked back and saw his father. He said, “Father, we have said good-bye. Why are you walking behind me?” Hazrat Imam Hussain replied, “My son, if you had a son like yourself then you would have surely understood!”

He killed many well-known warriors. No one dared to come close to him in a single combat. Umar Sa’ad ordered his soldiers to kill him, saying, “When he dies, Husayn will not want to live! Ali Akbar is the life of Husayn.” While a few soldiers attacked Ali Akbar, Murrah ibn Munqad threw a spear which pierced Ali Akbar’s chest. Murrah ibn Munqad then broke the wooden part of the spear and left the blade inside Ali Akbar’s chest, to cause him more pain. As Ali Akbar fell from his horse, he said, “O Father, my last salaams to you! “.

When Hazrat Imam Hussain heard Akbar’s salaam he walked towards the battlefield and reached Ali Akbar, who placed his right hand on his wounded chest and his left arm over the shoulder of his father. Hazrat Imam Hussain asked, “Akbar, why do you embrace me with only one arm?” Akbar did not reply. Hazrat Imam Hussain tried to move Akbar’s right hand, but Akbar resisted. Hazrat Imam Hussain forcefully moved the hand. Then he saw the blade of the spear. Hazrat Imam Hussain laid Ali Akbar on the ground and sat on his knees, he placed both of his hands on the blade of the spear. He looked at Najaf, and said, “Father, I too have come to my Khaybar!” He pulled out the blade and with it came  out the heart of Ali Akbar. Hazrat Imam Hussain wept, distraught seeing his son in such pain and stress. Ali Akbar spoke and sent his last salaam and was released to the heaven…

(Ariana is daughter of Sabila and Malik. She is studying in 9th grade in a School at Hopkinton, near Boston. She is our loving granddaughter.)



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