Playing the Game

My School’s motto was ‘Play the Game’ and most of us (me in particular) were everyday on the playing fields, playing hockey, cricket and soccer (football we called it) and so on. As I grew up, I soon understood that our motto had a larger and wider connotation. Over the period many interpretations clouded my mind, the one that has remained is this quotation,”For when the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name, He marks—not that you won or lost—but how you played the game.”

My recent meeting with this young person was indeed fascinating; he played the game when young and continues to do so after leaving the playfields. Allow me to share him with you,


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A word from him about his country of birth. He still loves it.


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Having hung up his boots he continues with his passion through others whom he cares and shelters as they are not so fortunate. To him, the ‘game’ must endure for posterity.


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Where does he get the funds for his passion? Do hear him out.


This is the vehicle driven by him in which we travelled from the hospital after my wife’s appointment with the doctor. The car does not belong to him but to the transportation Company.


There is no denying that billionaires such as Bill Gates, Azim Premji and others are into philanthropic projects of great magnitude and they do deserve high acclaim and vast coverages through the media. All humans must know that they are returning in multiple ways what the world gave them. Should Kelvin Castillo and similar passionate players find some recognition and encouragement from somewhere? I suppose they need to, as within their endowments they are exactly doing the same as the respected billionaires. This blog is a very small contribution to Kelvin’s venture.

3 thoughts on “Playing the Game”

  1. I really enjoyed this entry of your blog. I know Kalvin, he’s a hard working, disciplined and honest man. He has a kind heart and very good intentions for the kids. It is very noble of him to think about helping others in need back at home. Thank you for sharing his story, truly inspiring.

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  2. Such a great story and knowing that I’m also from that city, it just brings me memories that not much people have that Heart that Kalvin Castillo has and forms his job as lift driver, makes an effort to give to those one that really need, also contribute to sport and helping the new generation incentive to stay away from the streets to love school and love sports, very good and valuable report!

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