Leaves Fall, People Don’t

A hospital alone shows what war is.     

Erich Maria Remarque

We have been in this war for the past year or so. God willing it will end soon with the doctors and their staff notching up and garnering victory. During this period we were fortunate to encounter a large cross section of dedicated and humble members of the fraternity who gave us comfort, solace and hope and continue to do so. Each member  and every person is unique and accomplished in his or her assignment. To them the comfort and care of their patient is foremost and commanding. God has been kind to us.

Comparisons are odious as they lead to acrimony and asperity. However, there is no malefaction if we acquiesce to adopt and practice the professional ethics and standards which we have witnessed here in the hospitals. Consummate and exhaustive examination by the doctors with intensive patience, forbearance and tolerance. The gritness, stamina, doughtiness and intrepidness of the nurses and the supporting staff  which never diminishes and remains equal for every patient.

Why is it so prominent here and not so in the countries of origin of the persons though their pedigree remains the same? Why do the immigrants change for the better here? I presume that there are various factors.

Maybe Palkin can help us with a few answers. Please do watch the video.

This video doesn’t exist


In a lighter vein, let us pray that the present regimes in both the countries do not bring in any legislation to ban inter country marriages! Their bhakts would certainly want them to do so!


4 thoughts on “Leaves Fall, People Don’t”

  1. Praying for Neelofer beti’s complete recovery, Inshallah. Nice to see the nurse from Ludhiana getting married to an American. Love & duas, Ammujan & Chachi


  2. Philosophic testimony by Palkin – quaint name for a Punjabi! Admire her calling and ‘spirit of service’!
    Neelofer is cheerful– may God’s Grace be with her.
    Nice post. Best wishes.


    1. Thank you Sir. By God’s grace Nilofar is responding to the treatment. Your prayers for her recovery have proved very effective, God willing we hope to meet you soon.


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