“Office” a Review


Eshan Shameem

IMG_3234The TV Serial  “Office” by NBC is one of my most favorites shows of all time. It has great storytelling, great character development, and great jokes. It has won five Emmy’s and Steve Carell won a Golden Globe for best actor while on the show. In the review I would like to talk about Steve Carell’s character Michael Scott.

Michael is an interesting character, he is a man-child at some points but sometimes he is also the most mature person in the room. Let me proceed by touching upon his performances in the entire series covering all the seasons.

In the first season he is portrayed as the villain. He  doesn’t seem to support the other workers in the office.The change of Michael from season 1 to 2 is like night and day. Steve Carell’s character in season 1 seems overweight and aged, but in season 2 he looks fit and younger. In season 2 he is very supportive. During season 2 Michael develops a love interest in his boss, Jan Levinson. When she was drunk they kissed but Michael thinks it was for real. He also develops a second love interest in his realtor Carol which is played by Steve Carell’s wife in real life, they however break up after Michael photoshops his face on Carol’s ex-husbands on a ski trip.

There are some flaws with his character. One flaw is the whole workplace, I don’t understand how the office can work when they have so many useless meetings.

Another glaring flaw is why he was not fired? He continually sexually harasses the females of the office with his jokes. The women tell him that they have complained to HR about his jokes.

During season 3 Jan and Michaels relationship really starts to take off when they both disclose their relationship to HR, which to Michael makes their relationship official. They go to a party for the first time as a couple, which was at the CFO’s. There are a couple of awkward moments in the party that I won’t go into details to explain. After the merger of The Scranton Branch and the Stamford branch Michael is tasked to welcome all the new employees of the office.

Jan and Michael finally break up when the women of the office urge Michael to end the relationship. However, in  the finale of season 3 Michael and Jan get back together after Jan gets a breast enhancement. Jan gets fired also in the same finale. At the end of 5th episode 3 out of 5 employees also quit.

In the first episode of season 4 Michael runs over a fellow co-worker with his car. His employees start to hate him and he does not tolerate it. A quote from Michael in this episode is “Do I need to be liked? Absolutely not. I like to be liked. I enjoy being liked. I have to be liked. But it’s not like this, compulsive, need to be liked. Like my need to be praised.” I think this quote perfectly sums up Michael’s character.

He realizes that Merideth had been exposed to rabies so in his mind he imagines he saved Merideth. He has a fun run set up to find “a cure” for rabies. I think season 4 is mainly about Michael and nobody else. The episode dinner party is one of the best episodes of the office. The deliberate cringe really shows how well written the show is. In the episode Michael invites Jim, Pam, Andy, and Angela to a dinner party. Michael and Jan in this whole episode just bicker back and forth. At the end Jan gets extremely mad and throws a “Dundie” at Michaels tv. The police show up and the party stops. Michael and Jan break up off camera in this episode.

In the finale of season 4 Toby Flenderson the HR rep for the Scranton branch is leaving for Costa Rica. He brings Holly Flax in for training. Michael immediately decides that he does not like her, but changes once he goes to talk to her. As it turns out Holly is basically Michael but a girl. He tries to change his tactics of picking up a girl by trying to be friends with her before dating her.

In season 5 Michael and Holly become great friends. They first have to conduct a weight loss competition throughout the office. Michael also learns that Jan is pregnant, but from a sperm donor; Michael deludes the baby is his. He creates a baby shower for Jan and the baby, but Jan shows up with the baby already born. Michael is confused and asks Jan why she didn’t call him earlier. She says that the birth coach had said it wouldn’t be good if he was there. In the episode ‘Crime Aid’ Michael and Holly finally start dating.

They go on their 3rd date and Michael asks Holly if they are going to have sex. Holly replies with a yes. They wait for the confirmation of their reservation in the hotel and stay in the office, forgetting to lock the door. The office gets robbed. Michael and Holly are full of guilt and to compensate the loss conduct an auction of goods and services awarding Bruce Springsteen show tickets as the grand prize, which are not available. Later Michael and Holly passionately kiss each other which the CFO sees and frowns as Holly had forgotten to disclose their relationship to the company.

In the next episode Holly is being transferred back to her original branch in Nashua. Michael and Holly try to figure out a way they can stay together, but they end up breaking up during their drive to Nashua. Michael is okay with the break up assuming they will get back together again someday. Michael gets a new boss in Charles Miner, a new character. He does not like Charles because he is a no nonsense boss and that is not his style of managing. It is also Michael’s 15th anniversary of working at Dunder Mifflin. Jim, Dwight, Pam, and Michael are planning his party anniversary when Charles walks in and shuts it down. Michael gets infuriated and goes to New York to talk to the CFO. They talk about the party and the CFO reluctantly agrees with Michael,  who quits his job.

“You have no idea how high I can fly,” he says after quitting.

Michael tells the office that he is starting his own paper company, The Michael Scott Paper Company. He asks for people to join him but nobody comes. Except Pam, who realizes that she doesn’t want to be a receptionist anymore and goes with Michael. Michael and Pam start their company in Michael’s condo. Pam asks Michael when they are going to start working; Michael says after breakfast  and starts to prepare it. Pam while stopping Michael from whisking the eggs spills them all over Michael. Michael is annoyed and tells Pam he can’t work in this company. But Pam is determined to start this paper company and suggests making a list. They find 2 more employees, the 1st one is Ryan who was fired from Dunder Mifflin for fraud. The second one is Vikram, he was an employee at a diet pill company where Michael was working in a second job because he was having money problems. The next thing they do is get investors. They go to Michael’s Grandma’s investment club where they are denied. Vikram asks what Nana (that is what Michael calls his grandma) means, Pam answers his question and Vikram asks to be dropped off at his old job. They then get a new space to work because Michael’s condo complex does not allow businesses to be conducted in their condos.

Their office is in the same building in which they were earlier employed. They start stealing clients from Dunder Mifflin left and right. But they soon realize that they will soon go broke if they don’t get more money. Charles, Dwight, Jim, and the CFO try to figure out a way to stop the Michael Scott Paper Company. They come to an agreement by buying out the company. They invite Michael to their office. Michael turns down the initial offer quoting that ‘you always turn down the first offer.’ They finally come to an agreement of getting their old jobs back.

In season 6 Jim and Michael become co-managers. They both hate working with each other in the beginning but they sort their differences out when they both have to give the workers bonuses. When Pam and Jim get married Michael starts dating Pam’s mom. Pam gets really mad and thinks the only way Michael can make it up to her is if he lets her slap him. Later in the season Michael has to meet with the shareholders because Dunder Mifflin is going bankrupt. When the news breaks out about the company Michael starts a game to keep them occupied until the news dies down. I think that the most mature thing Michael has done so far is to play games with his coworkers.

In the last stages of the season Dunder Mifflin gets sold to a company called Sabre. Michael helps the employees with the merger very well. There was no drama at all. In Sabre the salesmen are king, they act like there are no rules in the office. In an attempt to discipline the salesmen Michael gives the leads (that the salesmen need in order to do their work) to the other departments. This did work, as they lost some of the leads because Kevin threw some of them in the trash.

One of the salesmen, Andy, hears that one of his clients’ printers has caught fire. The CEO, Jo Bennet, of Sabre comes up to Scranton to find the snitch who told the press about the printer. Jo asks Michael what he would do to the whistle blower. Michael says “We should put them in Guantanamo Bay”. When later Michael finds out the people who might have been the snitch, he tells Jo to go a little easier on the snitch. Jo suspects Michael and takes him in her car to her private jet where she asks him, what is going on. Michael says he’s been having a tough year. He says his favorite restaurant shut down and then he mentions Holly. Jo asks who Holly is, Michael then goes on to tell Jo everything he liked about her. He tells Jo that he wishes that she would come back. Jo then says “I’ll see what I can do”

Season 7 is Michael’s final season of The Office. We start off with Michael hiring  his nephew as his assistant. He is terrible at his job. He does not get the coffee that they order, he doesn’t send documents through the mail which affect the sales of the salesmen. When Michael is doing a presentation he points the laser at the audience and then at Andy’s eye. Michael has had enough, he goes over to his nephew and spanks him telling him he needs to be more professional.

In an intro of one of the episodes Toby announces that he has been assigned jury duty to a very high profile case. Toby then says Holly is coming from the Nashua branch to take over for him. Michael freaks out, but as it turns out, Holly has a boyfriend. Michael sets up a party, a classy Christmas party for Holly coming. Holly finally comes back and Michael and her have a very Cute exchange.

At the end of the party Holly tells some of the girls that her boyfriend won’t commit to her so she is going to give him an ultimatum. She says if he won’t propose by next year I’ll break up with him. Pam walks in to a very sad Michael who has learned Holly has a boyfriend. She tells Michael that Holly gave her boyfriend an ultimatum which makes Michael very happy.

In the next episode we see that holly doesn’t have a ring after New Years, but she still has not broken up with her boyfriend which makes Michael very mad. But after Michael makes Holly realize how much he needs her she breaks up with her boyfriend. They finally kiss. Michael proposes to Holly and everybody helps him with the proposal. Michael tells his employees that he’s moving to Colorado with Holly. Michael says goodbye to Jim and Pam but nobody else. He tells everyone that he is leaving and a day later he leaves.

In conclusion Michael has a great story arc which eventually led to Steve Carell  win a Golden Globe for his acting performance in ‘The Office.’ He is now starring in a new show called ‘Space Force’ whose set is in the newest branch in the military, The Space Force. I hope that this show is as good as the office and that Steve Carell remains an amazing actor in the show.

(Eshan Shameem son of Baqar Abbas and Pooja Luitel Shameem, is in the 9th Grade at Hokissen High School, Delaware, USA)




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