A Few Humble Words

I do not decry or praise them

For me they were mortals in search of power and pelf

They built huge armies they had the best weapons with them

Their vision stretched not beyond but themself

Conquering cities and towns they did with impunity

Killing and destruction they accomplished with ferocity

The Ceasers, Alexandes, Napoleans and many such more

Are historical legends praised in folk lore

Let us pause a bit to answer this question

Have they left behind consequential remembrance

The lands that they conquered have lost their limitation

The cities they destroyed have lost their appearance

The men no longer are from the same ethnicity

What have they gained through their banal atrocity

I remind you now of one person who is remembered forever

Draped in respectable lineage of the distinguished blessed family

His ancestors were gallant, courageous and imbued with valor

He stood up righteously to uphold truth and his faith in the Almighty

Refused to enter into an unholy alliance and upheld God’s message

The massive enemy force under a merciless commander surrounded a mixed group of seventy two men, women and children

They tortured them depriving them water or safe passage

Today on tenth of Moharram he and his followers fought conscious of their death and their passage to heaven

Yes Shameem, you have always heard their message

In every corner of this earth they remember their martyrdom

Through Majalises, nauha’s, marcias and Matam

They laid down their lives for God to exist

God blessed them forever for them to live in our amidst

Husain ibne Ali you left us in great pain

The light has extinguished the moths will continue to remain


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