Son of the Soil

(Jawaid Baqir 15Jun 1965 – 15 Nov 2020)

Losing a father is like losing a part of yourself. Even now it feels like he has just gone somewhere and will return soon.
We still remember the day father taught us how to ride a tricycle. We have seen him going through immense pain, shifting from one hospital to the next, getting all sorts of injections. We have seen our healthy, happy, cheerful father getting reduced to a lanky man who couldn’t walk or eat on his own.
Our lives feel incomplete without him. We are still coming to terms with his absence. No matter whatever we do or achieve, he’ll never be there for us. We will never be able to see his smiling face again.
Still, in our memory, he’ll live forever as the impulsive yet caring father who gave us our first Math lessons, cheered us up whenever we messed up in exams, brought all sorts of gifts (even when we didn’t want anything), just to see a smile on our faces.

We’ll always love you Pa

Wahiba and Saman

Jawaid Baqir the youngest sibling of our family inherited the family farm at Kichaucha after our father passed away. He had considerable period of training under our father’s tutelage and therefore the transition was smooth without hiccups. His wife, Sumbul, joined him and they continued to stay at the ancestral house at Kichaucha. To his credit and acumen the revenues from the farm remained stable even during the difficult period facing the farming community.

We forever looked forward to meet Jawaid and Sumbul to spend time with them and enjoy the rural environment at Kichaucha. Our last visit with entire family was last year and the grand children had a rollicking time; a big change from their homes in USA! Jawaid and Sumbul were delighted too and were perfect hosts. A few pictures from the visit to revive pleasant memories of the memorable stay.

(Ayaan in pensive mood at the farm)

(Serena having her morning workout in the field)

(Eshan and Yameena at their work outs)

(Ariana and Yameena pose in front of the pump house)

(Kazim struggling with the hand pump while Ayaan and Serena look on!)

(Eshan serving tea in Kulhars!)

(Kazim finds it too hot!)

(Thank you Jawaid and Sumbul)

All the above pictures were captured by Jafar Shameem. Thank you son!

The school is named after our late mother, Merun Nissan Begum. Jawaid the mover and organizer worked tirelessly to initiate it and give it a shape. He started it nearly a year back, today there are nearly hundred students and it will reopen after the Covid-19 ends. There are many more students waiting to get admission. The success of the school is entirely due to Jawaid and Sumbul; Jawaid the manager and Sumbul the nerve center and the driving engine.

(Independence Day Function)

(The children join in with enthusiasm)

The long and essential need for an Imambarah, a building for majalis (gathering) for Azadari (mourning) especially during Moharram was fulfilled when Jawaid in-spite of his commitments, supervised the construction of the structure which today is prominently and extensively in use. With the combined assistance from all members of the family, the interiors now reflect solemnity and meet the spiritual obligations of the believers.

(Alam and Panjas of the Martyrs of Karbala)

(The modest Imambarah meets the families needs when they congregate in Moharram)

(Saman is fed sweet by her father, Wahiba had her share from him a year earlier!)

How does anyone score over 97% marks in the CBSE board examination for 12th class? Both Wahiba and Saman achieved it! It is remarkable that they attained this milestone living at Kichaucha, in a rural environment bereft of many basic facilities, such as 24 hr electricity, running water pipeline, inadequacy of reading material, inadequacy of outdoor facilities for recreation and the general environment where literacy and knowledge begs attention.

They were blessed with parents who gave their present for their future. Jawaid and Sumbul made it their life’s mission to ensure their children reach their potential after having discovered their excellence in academics. They were absolute in their dedication, devotedness, resolution and determination, to provide them with the wherewithal and amenities for them to pursue their studies in the best possible environment. God has been kind and the outcome has matched their desire and expectations.

A deservedly proud parents who have set high standards for the future generations in the family.

May Allah shower His blessings on Saman, Wahiba and Sumbul with fine health and a long life filled with, joy, peace, happiness and prosperity. Ameen!

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun: Verily we belong to Allah, and verily to Him do we return.

Farewell my brother!


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