Revathi Calling

My younger brother Col Zafar Naseem (whose Golf Whatsapp group is very active) included the lady in our four ball today. I was impressed with her smooth effortless golf swing as she hit the ball from the T.

The approach shot to the green was nice and easy, unfortunately the ball landed in the bunker.

However, her bunker shot was perfect as the ball came out and landed on the fringe of the green,

Game over, time for chit chat at the breakfast table. Please listen to her, you will enjoy it.

A piece of advice for my daughter in law! Whose husband a keen golfer, very often drives the ball 320 yds from the T

The golf course, (BEPTA) at Secunderabad has had interesting changes since I last played on it two years ago. Whether these are interesting, useful, challenging or otherwise, I reserve my comments. May be better golfers know better and may offer their views.

However Ladies, please do remember ‘Revathi’s Calling’! There certainly could be no contrary opinion! It is for your good!


2 thoughts on “Revathi Calling”

  1. While golf has its pluses, any activity indoors, outdoors in which a couple can participate would be good for family harmony.


    1. Thank You Naidu,
      Yes especially at our age now we do realize the essence of togetherness in our daily activities. Sports activities together do help our health and entertain us,


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