The Lovebirds and Me


Ayaan Shameem

One bright summer morning, I was chugging Mom’s usual breakfast smoothie,

I peeked out of the kitchen window and noticed a bird looking right back at me. 

I got excited because the pretty red bird was looking at me! 

The ladybird’s castle was our backyard tree. 

She was peeking out of different branches; playing hide and seek!

I hid behind the curtain and counted till three,

Wondering if she would be looking around for me.

Then I noticed a brown bird on my deck, dancing on its feet.

Ballet perhaps? Or maybe it was doing a Kathakali?

I think it was screaming, “Hey lady in red, look at me!”

Do you notice me here doing my “electro shuffle” and “ride the pony”?

How about you come down here and dance with me?

Next morning, I pulled my Mom downstairs to show her the bird’s happy feet.

He was with his lady bird in red, already doing their new routine!

Rehearsing the “double up” and the “zany”. 

It became a daily event, a free entertainment for my Mom and me,

Something we looked forward to and enjoyed greatly.

We pulled out the camera and took pictures to share with the whole family.

Did they hear the camera click?! The lovebirds turned around and looked at me!!!


I, Ayaan Shameem, Age 9, 3rd Grade, Northstar Elementary School, Hockessin DE, acknowledge the patience, perseverance, persistence and determination of my Mom to persuade, threaten, cajole and bribe me in finishing this poem! I have to admit that I could not write it without her help!



6 thoughts on “The Lovebirds and Me”

  1. For a 9 year old, you express yourself very well Ayaan. The live of nature all if nature’s creatures are already ingrained in you. I see great promise. Keep it up.


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