The Portland Experience – Part 1

I loved the three hour drive from Seattle to Portland, Oregon. The weather was fine, the traffic was low and  the tall thick coniferous trees lined along the road made me feel cozy and delighted my senses.

Above all I was journeying with my son Jafar, his wife Tehmina and my grandchildren Yameena and Serena to spend a lovely weekend with them. In addition, Aamir and Nehal had joined us with their families. On arrival we headed for the world known rose garden to spend the afternoon there. The rose garden will find space in a future Part of my write up.

Let me here share my next day’s experience at the Pioneer CourtHouse site. It was a beautiful day so we walked for a good 15 minutes for breakfast at the restaurant which was close to the CourtHouse. While the rest queued up in the line I and Serena stepped down and sat in the chairs in the open space, to relax.

We were enjoying our solitude amongst the gathering, when my eyes caught a rather awkward spectacle. I got up and captured it in the video through my camera.

To find these colorful semi clad ladies tottering in the crowd aroused my curiosity. I approached them and spoke to one of them. Sharing the video.

I showed the interview to Yameena and Serena and they liked it. For a considerable period the ladies continued with their rehearsals. 

Finally they decided to perform their dance with music. 

Was it my lucky day?


2 thoughts on “The Portland Experience – Part 1”

  1. For one who has spent most of his life in India and in conservative places like army contonements and second tier UP towns of India, and as a recently become a US citizen, your use of the terms “awkward spectacle” and “these colourful semi clad ladies” about sums up your impressions.
    And the children who have seen none other than American Life, their reaction of ” they liked it” sums up their reactions.
    To me, who enjoys Kathak or Bharatha Natyam, the dance was without aesthetics and a show of butt grinding actions.
    To each one his own.
    It’s nice that the town has such pleasant surroundings for the public to have alfresco meals speaks of the high quality of life that the civic authorities provide for the citizens.


    1. Thank you. Have been blessed to feel and learn about different cultures , having lived for a whole part of life in India, ten years in Bahrain and now in USA. It has given me a sense of detachment whereby I find no major differences barring the likes and dislikes of the human in a society which follows rules and regulations set by themselves. The Western world has evolved rapidly, however the rest are trying to catch up though slowly due their inherent road blocks!


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