Portland Experience – Part 2

A major attraction for outsiders visiting Oregon State, especially for ladies, is shopping. There is no sales tax on purchases made, which amounts to around 10% in savings, which is quite a bit on brand name goods. The ladies left us after breakfast and headed towards the Mall. The menfolk had to hurry to meet the timeline for checking out from the hotel.

As we negotiated the  Zebra crossing, Nihal (an oncologist, he was sharp) pointed to the boards standing on the pavement and wished that he could read them and also hear the other side of the story on Covid 19. I turned and walked towards the man standing next to these boards. My desire was equally strong to meet and talk to people who had different views from most of us. Sharing the video.

Other than what I had read and heard on the television from certain cult followers, I learnt nothing new. I goaded him further.

The interview was on the spur of the moment and was impromptu; questions could have been more pointed and organised. However, my impression is that if he represents those who oppose the establishment on the Covid 19 solution, he and his associates are pathetic and need no attention from any one of us. They can exercise their free speech and remain blind followers like many in other countries, entirely to their detriment and well being.
Is it acceptable to us, for a Bhakt (follower) to have blind faith and speak freely?  Your take?  

4 thoughts on “Portland Experience – Part 2”

  1. What was on the notice board was not loaded due to some tech issue.
    This gentleman you spoke to should understand that to wear a mask is a policy decision taken after advice by experts and it is for public good. It would represent greater civic sense if we put ourselves to discomfort and follow guidelines.


    1. Thank you. I have posted the pictures of the boards on your WhatsApp.
      For them the guidelines have no meanings as it restricts their freedom! They are probably Trump followers who have denigrated human values and democracy.


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