Dialogue: Salary: Jeff Bezos vs A Teacher


Pooja Shameem and Ayaan Shameem

A glimpse of their sporting activities

The Dialogue. salary: Jeff Bezos vs A Teacher between Pooja and Ayan. Please listen to the audio.

On receiving the audio, I heard it and I am impressed with their conversation, though I do not totally endorse the concluding assessment by Ayaan. I have my own views which are, briefly:
1. Every one can not teach nor everyone can become Jeff Bezos! So can one generalize?
2. Is Ayaan a teacher material? Should we not best leave it to the individual and guide them to exploit their inherent strengths.
3. Every profession has a place in our society. Should we do away with capitalism?
4. Should not Ayaan aim for the star in the sky if he has the talent, will for hard & sincere work?
5. What is wrong in having more wealth earned through hard work? What about my desire to own a beach house? Will it remain as a dream only!
6.A professional teacher may have a different opinion?

In reply, Pooja sent me this video.

I think she was caught up with a sore throat! She is OK now.

If you have a point of view do post it in the blog.


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