San Juan Island – Whale Watching

Another pleasant day and we boarded the boat for the long journey in the open sea to watch the whales.

I met the captain of the boat to learn about our journey first hand.

The crew member briefed us.

The journey commenced.

A recent news item had forewarned me when I boarded the boat about a whale which had swallowed a person. The man had spent a few seconds in a whale’s stomach before being thrown out by it. Though unhurt, the harrowing experience had caused him enormous mental agony. Thankfully the lady crew erased my apprehensions.

The watch commences.

Finally we arrived at the location and as the boat slowed down, my granddaughter, Serena was first to point out at the snout and the tail that stuck out of the water. We were not allowed to approach nearer to where the whales were playing. We would have loved to see them from a closer distance. The watch continued for nearly an hour, the whales obliged us by showing us only their snouts and tails and not their entire body. I do not know why did they do this? Shy? Maybe!

 From a distance of around 200 yards I could see the whales moving under water in groups. Captured them in these videos.

Have a ‘whale’ of a time folks!


2 thoughts on “San Juan Island – Whale Watching”

  1. It must have been a thrilling experience watching whales. Evidently these mammals are not too far from the island as one can see the island ahead. The children will carry these impressions all their lives and develop an empathy for all forms of life.
    I liked the organisation of the company that conducted the tour. Touch of class to everything. The captain concentrating on steering the boat and not being side tracked into a conversation and the guide sticking to the rule and not removing her mask, a notice that said only 67 passengers on board. I am just comparing the chaos that would be on a similar trip in India. Thank you for sharing a unique experience.

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    1. Thank you for your comments. Although we did not see the whales completely, the children were the ones to point out as and when its snout and the tail surfaced momentarily. They thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The attitude of following rules and regulations I think is in most US citizens and organizations, although they over do it at times! Sadly we have to catch up, we are probably five decades behind!


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