Rainier National Park- A Pleasant Experience

The weather was great, though the temperature was a bit on the higher side, the breeze compensated to make it cool and pleasant. Jafar, who has reversed the parental role, ensured a three hour comfortable journey in his car to the Rainier National Park, which has development  areas which provide  from basic amenities little more than a campground and picnic area, to extensive to hotel, restaurant, visitor center, campgrounds, and picnic areas, each can serve as a base for exploring the rest of the park. 

We were primarily here to spend the day with Mt Rainier, the guardian angel of the Park. 

A number of buildings are located at the entrance of the Park; souvenirs and snacks are available, while the restaurant at the Inn provides regular meals. My first glimpse of Mt Rainier

Further journey towards the mountain, to the location beyond which cars are not permitted, lasted 15 minutes. We were at around 6400 ft and it made no difference to me in my T shirt! Fortunate to meet Michael, do listen to him.

Snow and water made walking a bit slow, which suited me.

Pausing many times not only to rest and recuperate but also to enjoy the majestic scenery all around.

At one such break I was stuck by the beauty of the wild flowers snuggling to show up on the expansive slopes. Met the lady, do hear her.

Half Km short of the glacial ice is the final halt. The heart says yes, the body responses, take rest! Sip and let the surrounding beauty seep into the senses as the drink drains down the the gullet!

The climb was over a mile and the return will be similar. Nature in all its glory and resplendence is and always will enliven and invigorate humans old and young.

We halted at a Reflection lake. On a sunny day the reflection of the Mountain is present in these lakes.


Oh Rainier! You look at your image in the placid lake daily in every season

In winter you feel ecstatic in the white and bright robed snowy bridal chiffon

Spring gives you the jitters as the snow melts and your pockmarks are bared

In Summer you wish the lake dries up as you detest to be stripped naked

In Autumn when the trees are unclad your misery reaches its ultimate

As Autumn ends and snow flakes descend you look at the river with disquiet

Oh Rainier! We know you are furious and fuming for years within your belly

Resist do not expose your anger at us mortals who are so frail and wimpy

If you spew fire and lava with sound and fury you are no better than an ordinary guy

Every human faces the same seasons and mirror, in him forever lurking, is a Dorian Grey

Have a nice day!

All photographs have been taken by Jafar Shameem. For viewing more pictures by him please log on to https://www.jafar.com/


4 thoughts on “Rainier National Park- A Pleasant Experience”

  1. Very well articulated poetry – ‘Reflection’ and well scripted -“Rainier National Park” ,all beautifully captured picturesque posts / videos make it a lively and pleasant reading. Overall, a great effort indeed, Sir! Aapki mehnat rang layi, khuda ki khudrat bayaan karne mein.


  2. “Nature in all its glory and resplendence will always enliven and invigorate humans young and old”.
    How true. The seasonal cycles, with all their feelings by the majestic mountain have so well been captured in your evocative words .
    Even in such remote areas, it is nice to see the states benign presence to see that nature is not hurt. I liked the lady telling the trekkers to keep to the trail so that flowere which as it is have a very short life can blossom. What contrasting moods of the snow clad mountain, such peaceful calmness most of the time and fiery anger when roused by the volcano.
    The Indian Himalayas too are very awe inspiring and I felt in all my service there that there is divinity in them.


    1. Thank you for your passionate and perspective comments. India has equally beautifully scenic mountains, hills, valleys, rivers and lakes. Hopefully they are cared and developed in future. Yes the Himalayas are unique, divine and awe inspiring.


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