On the Water Front

No better place to laze and relax than a water front especially when the sun sets around 9.30 or so. Jafar had better ideas especially after noticing my protruding tummy. For the past two months I have paced over 3000 steps everyday on this water front. The fine weather, coupled with sea breeze helped to keep the spirit high. Let me share the music and the visuals that enliven the environment and refresh the mind and gladden the heart.

The family parties on the lawn___

And at the table, continue without any recess or pause

While the more enterprising enjoy a game of soccer!

A common sight is young and old couples enjoying their leisurely intimate walks on the deck

and relaxing in their motor boats

Meet another interesting musician. Listen to him play a tune by Anoushka Shankar played by her on her Sitar

Watch him play an Italian tune.

The sun has set, time to say adieu, the water birds need rest too.

Any better place to simultaneously loose weight and enjoy? I can not find!

For pictures by Jafar Shameem, please log on to https://www.jafar.com/


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