New York : Sight and Sound – I

This time I decided to spend my time at Leisure in New York; to my luck I had Jafar as my guide who had spent 14 years in this city before moving on to Seattle. Earlier, on many occasions my stay in New York was more of informative, watching the architectural nuances of the structures, visiting libraries, museums, celebrity localities, famous streets and places. Through this and subsequent blogs let me share my new found experience in this city.

One stark feature that I noticed on many billboards, shopfronts, buses and on walls was this:

The Staten Island Ferry takes you past the Statue of Liberty throughout day and night. The Statue remains majestically poised, isolated in the ocean, all alone withstanding the furies of nature.

A closer look at the famous Manhattan sky line reveals the towers with varying shapes and facade:

A visit to the George Washington Park on this sunny pleasant day was not only soothing but also quite interesting:

Would Milton, Chaucer, Wordsworth, Keats…approve? I doubt! But then we are in an instant espresso era:

I lined up to test his skill and he obliged, please watch the videos:

He wrote it in about three minutes and read it out.

This is his masterpiece!

You may also try your hand at poetry on the spot! Sure way of impressing someone…….!

For pictures by Jafar Shameem, please log on to


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