New York: Sight and Sound -II

I tend to believe the internet when it says that the Times Square is “the Crossroads of the World,” “the Center of the Universe,” the heart of the Great White Way,” and “the heart of the world.” It has to be, as it is claimed that it is one of the world’s busiest pedestrian areas, a major center of the world’s Entertainment Industry and a tourist attractions, with an estimated 50 million visitors annually. Nearly 330,000 people pass through Times Square daily, while over 460,000 pedestrians walk through it on its busiest days, one such is on the New Year’s eve. Approbatory and statistics aside, there is something which visitors possibly feel that makes their outing to this square worthwhile. Maybe it is the lay back languorous ambient during day and equally cheerful, active entertaining environment at night. Let me share that I have observed. With a cup of Chai Lathe one can sit with or without the I pad for hours and enjoy the sight and sound.

When the lights come on the ambiance changes and the place becomes more lively and entertaining.

Picture by Jafar Shameem

The artists get busy: from my experience these guys sketch the ladies to look younger and men older. My portrait sketched earlier by one of them testifies.

Religious zealots use their lung power to extol the philistines to follow the correct path!

Friendly chess unmindful of the onlookers and noisy disturbance.

For the past many years these guys have been regaling the Times Square crowd. Do watch the videos to enjoy their performances.

They certainly have earned the dollars for their performances and the lively gibes and banters.
And the finale

To sample our past mode of transportation, we met the cycle rickshaw driver for journeying to our hotel, a Km away. His $ 7 per minute charge was far too high. He was asking nearly five times more than a taxi! We preferred to walk back!

I am certain that there are far more reasons which makes the Time Square a highly popular venue for the New Yorker’s and visitors from all over the world. An evening here was certainly worthwhile!

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4 thoughts on “New York: Sight and Sound -II”

  1. Time Square is a unique place very popular for its multifarious activities nicely described by you & beautifully captured on camera by your talented son.
    We visited this square twice in 2009 during our 1.5 months visit to US.


  2. Haven’t visited times Square but your description and Jaffar’s videos brought the view alive. Thanks.
    This reminds me of various similar places in India, though no match to the Times Square. One such places is the Azad Maidan & Fountain area of Mumbai -(Bombay).
    Jaffar’s videos and pictures very enjoyable . They speak louder than words.🤚🙏


    1. Thank you Raj. I am sure very soon you will be here in USA. Yes we need to encourage and facilitate activities in the places mentioned by you. Jafar is delighted and thanks you. God bless.


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