A Refreshing Encounter

What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? I understood it when I encountered a very interesting person over a luncheon party. He took knowledge and gave wisdom to us, as we listened to him. Let me not delay any further, but quickly share the experience through the videos:

Sami and Zehra our close friends hosted the lunch at their residence.

Q1. Tell us about yourself.
Q2. How did you get into heat research?
Q4. How does climate change affect heat?
Q4.Is heat such a big issue? What does the future hold?
Q5. So what did you discover?
Q6. How can people protect themselves?
Q7. What can be done by Govt and authorities
Q8. What are your future plans?
What are the views of others on climate change? Let us hear from them!
1. Afreen Gulrez.
The host, Samy.

The awareness of the problems arising from climate change is universal. When I catch a cold ‘ the first reaction is ‘mausam badal gaya hai!’ (The climate has changed!). Though globally the Nations are gathering their will and resources to combat the issue, the ground realities show that the pace at which the problems are required to be confronted is far from satisfactory.

Wishing Gulrez success in contributing his knowledge and expertise to promote, guide and energize the resolve to over come this monumental holocast.

Finally, a rap lyrical presentation by Zoya for her mother Deeba, in whose honor the birthday pary was celebrated. Please increase the volume of your device to hear it.

Have a nice day!


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