Vacation Break – Serena’s Agenda

The Carosel

School had kept her busy, the vacations are on now and Serena Shameem has her docket lined up. Her parents Tehmina and Jafar are with her, fully committed. They know her choices and have her agenda ready. Besides regular visits to the multiplexes for the latest movies they are also aware of her liking for assembling toys. Jafar got her the very popular Carosel which kept her busy for a while. Sharing the video.

Nutcracker, the popular show performed in downtown Seattle had all the trappings which children of her age are so fond of. Serena had this to say regarding it:

(All the pictures were captured by Tehmina Shameem)

Well, a week in Cancun Mexico is most welcome, especially with snowfall and high wind predicted in Seatlle for the Christmas Day!

Will keep you updated from Cancun!


4 thoughts on “Vacation Break – Serena’s Agenda”

  1. How nice for Serena to experiment with Carosal and to know why the rotor blades move.
    How nice that children as young as Serena get to see great plays like Nutcracker. And to be going to Mexico to enjoy the warm sunshine and get away from the chill wind of Seattle.
    All the best to Serena. Our blessings for you to grow up into a lovely young lady.


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