“Nest of Snakes” Part II

Jafar, (Arshi at home) is not very particular about celebrating his birthday, however, Tehmina his wife is. His birthday, which was in August, could not be observed as it coincided with  Muharram being the mourning period. The family members (me  excluded) decided to gather at Cancun to celebrate it.The birthday boy was not aware that his brother and sisters  along with their  children would join him at Cancun, until he met them at Wyndham Altra hotel.  It was a delightful welcome surprise for him.

The natural settings and the ambience of the venue  was  charming and refreshing. Sharing the video, in case you may like it you could consider a similar celebration there.

It was a sunny day and the sea breeze was very inviting. Much more inviting to the younger  ones was the scheduled snorkel programme. An exclusive boat, only for us, made our journey more enjoyable when on request by the children the pilot accelerated through the waves to their delight and thrill.

Before boarding the boat Serena, who had overcome the encounter with torrentuva earlier,  now confidently held on to the Iguana, and posed with her sisters.

Snorkelling was real fun. They saw the beautifully colored fish and also the startling  flora and fauna  in the sea and on its bed.It was time for some relaxation and lunch. The boat took us to Isla  Mujra Beach.

The New Year was welcome with the festivities and live entertaiment at the hotel.

Without any hesitation I can safely say that this whole week has been one of the very precious and enjoyable period so far I have had in my long life. Though as ever I missed her, but the love and affection from the children kept my heart and mind filled with cheer and joy. Many thanks to them and above all to the Almighty God.

Bidding you adiue with these thoughtful pictures;

The sky above. the sand below and peace within!

The sea does not like to be restrained and so do I!


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