I am Presumptous?

Let me be frank; I am admirer of the great artists of the past and have been fortunate to view their master pieces in the Louvre, Guggenheim Musuem, New York, the Royal Academy of arts, London, Art Institute of Chicago and in other countries visited. Have also had the opportunity of enjoying beautiful art works of the present day artists. I know a bit about what the artists have conveyed through their fine sketches and paintings.

It really surprised and overwhelmed me, when I went through sketch book of my neice Saman daughter of my youngest brother, late Jawaid and Sumbul. Ensconsed in the ancestral house in her village Kichaucha and isolated during the Covid, Saman created these sketches which I leave it to you to view and appreciate.

Am I precocious and presumptious when I feel that maybe she could make a name if she pursues with the entusiasm and zeal of the famous artists who have created everlasting works of art?


4 thoughts on “I am Presumptous?”

  1. Beautiful sketches. I don’t know how old she is, but her thoughts behind the sketches are very mature. Keep going Saman you are bound to reach the top. God bless.


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