The Presidential Candidate

How many of you remember the past Presidents of India? Pause! I can visualize the wrinkles on your forehead and a nod of your head. No issues, I too did the same when I put the question  to myself. Some may remember a few, mainly on account of their good deeds and or misdeeds. I can count a few but will not name them not because of any other considerations but to avoid subjective dialogues.

The Political parties are presently in the process of identifying their candidate for the Presidential election. As is the norm their yardstick is their agenda. They are in search of a pliable person who will comply with their party line; which boils down to governance or misgovernance as in the past. 

Do I too have an Agenda? Certainly, and one with experiences spanning eight decades. My President at the helm is the one who places the interest of the people of the country above all political considerations. Though the Constitution gives him a limited say he has to stand up, seen and heard when:

  • The politicians are creating social unrest in the country through their divisive speeches and actions.
  • The plight of sections of society is made miserable by wrong and controversial legislation and orders.
  • Mayhem in the form of killings and destruction of property in the garb of imposing sensitive outcomes.
  • The natural treasures of the country are harmed to favor the corporations and capitalists.
  • Excessiveness by law enforcing authorities on individuals and protestors.
  • Suppression of the media and individuals through false charges, detentions, threats and organized killings
  • Neglecting basic needs such as education, health and nutrition of the masses.

 Where do I find a candidate who can and will exercise his will and power to meet these demands? There is one that I know, I can not name him as he has refused my request to do so. You may be aware of many such persons. 

I very much knew that the candidate of my choice would be a non-starter. No way acceptable to  political parties! However, the reason I intended to propose my candidate is to highlight and inform you and other readers that we have persons who have the guts, tenacity, honesty and the consciousness to withstand pressure and stand up to safeguard the common man’s interest. 

The question that may be worrying you is that, if the President is the Supreme Commander of our Armed Forces, will he not neglect his prime duties if gets busy on other issues? The answer is simple, the Armed Forces will only come to him to honor their bravehearts with medals and platitudes!


2 thoughts on “The Presidential Candidate”

  1. You are correct and all right thinking people would support. But fact is that every candidate has to have support of a major political party if he is to be elected. Present incumbent is an example.

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