I am a flower bed in my master’s garden

He loves the flowers beholds them often

Though he can furrow and till the soil for them to thrive

The gardener does it to let him work from nine to five

Let your eyes wander through the line of flowers in bloom

Their sparkle and freshness will wash away your mind’s gloom

The variance of their variety in close proximity is at display 

Is similar to the humans who in towns and cities huddle to stay

Their shape size colors are different each vying for attention

The flowers have no ax to grind but are filled with good intention

They sway with wind in unison live to please, silently whither away

Unlike humans who live in ghettos spew hate with venom to have their way

The thorny flowers mingle with others bringing no pain no harm to them

The roses in their beautiful colors spread sweet fragrance with no inhibition

Their branches go high with the buds opening up gradually everyday

The thorns protect them from the animals from eating them and keep them at bay

The flowers in my bed do have many positive effect on the human mind

 Enlighten the mood increase the energy and in comfort let the memory what to find 

The rose even with its thorns is universally loved and appreciated

What is wrong with humans who fight and kill on matters which can be tolerated?  


2 thoughts on “Variance”

  1. Beautiful! Words as pleasing and joyous as the flowers. The lament about us the humans is fair even as it is woven into our DNA by the creator?
    Thanks and Regards.


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