An Invitation

In the everlasting memory of Nilofar Shameem:

Dear Well Wisher,

She left us so soon with no reason

To her sweet and happy abode in heaven

The shining light from our lives has been taken

We grieve in lonely silence, heartbroken

Forever compassionate to those in need

She Offered her affections and care to all with no heed

To continue her legacy of spreading kindness

We immortalize her with this humble edifice


Please join us for the inauguration of the Nilofar Eye Clinic which will serve the under privileged people in need with the blessings of the Almighty and your support.

Place: Shop No 10, Opposite Sathkhanda Chowki, Hussainabad, Lucknow.

Date: 20 July 2022

Time: 11 am

Please do grace the occasion.

Btig Baqir Shameem (Retd)


Abbas Haider



5 thoughts on “An Invitation”

  1. May Allah accept it as sawab-e-jaria for Nilofer aunty as well as for all those who contribute in this noble cause. Aameen.


  2. Wishing Nilofer Eye clinic all the very best. Madam Nilofer was a very simple and kind hearted lady who appreciated fellow human being his/her dedication. Hope the clinic provides honest relief to the deserved.


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