Safarnama: Nepal-Kathmandu-1

At the invitation of Samira and Badri Luitel, the in laws of Baqar Shameem, our son, I undertook the journey to Nepal. Baqar and his younger son Ayan who stay in Delaware, USA, after visiting Portugal and Spain landed at our residence at Secunderabad to escort me, Pooja Shameem and Eshan the elder son had reached Nepal earlier. We took a Vastara flight and landed safely at Kathmandu airport where we were subjected to a rather complicated protocal followed by their staff, which was tiring and inconvenient to us the passengers.

The next day Pooja took us to the Gurukul where she has established her presence with financial and material assistance to the organization. The recent is gifting laptops for its students.

Pooja who had spent few useful and eventful days at the Ashram aroused my curiosity and I requested her to set up an interwiew with its Guruji. An interesting experience followed, which gave fresh insight into an area which hitherto had remained vague and distant to me. Sharing his thoughts with you, which you may consider as you wish to. Please do watch the video which have been split due to technical reasons.

A number of Foreigners maily from Western Countries stay at the Ashram to go through various courses that it offers.

Pooja a keen observer and a well wisher of the Ashram exposes the views of the Guruji and activities of the Ashram through “Drishtikone” articles through the social media. You may consider reading it by searching through Google.

For my very comfortablly enjoyable of my stay at Kathmandu I am indeed grateful to Samira and Badri, who are exemplary hostess and host.

Please keep a watch, to be continued.


4 thoughts on “Safarnama: Nepal-Kathmandu-1”

  1. This interview with the Guru exemplfies the very close relation between India and Nepal. It is a natural relationship. It perhaps defines what is referred by the political class as Roti Beti ka Rishta. It exemplifies what Vajpayee said about Nepal ” Yahan kankar kankar men Shankar hai.”


    1. From the conversation with the cross section of the population, my impression is that they are closer to India than anyother country. They consider goods from China as “USE & THROW”. However they blame the politicians for creating bad bllod, especially the present regimes in both countries.


  2. Interesting from the land of Buddha. Supposingly he searched for 20 yrs. If I know it right just a simple life of Middle Path sans excessive desires. Don’t know if there were any answers about God Moksha or Spirituality.
    Challenge and Mystery continues.


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