The Clinic as the name signifies is dedicated to my wife Nilofar Shameem, who left behind a legacy filled with love, dedication, compassion, care and concern, especially for the weaker section of our society.

It took me and Abbas my nephew (sister Naheed’s younger son) a number of days to select a suitable location for the clinic. Hopefully we have made the right decision, as one consideration was to locate it in an area inhabited by financially challenged population, as Nilofar Eye Clinic is for those who need it at affordable if not free cost. For those living in Lucknow the Clinic is prominently situated and within easy reach.

My wife’s younger sister Shams Hussaini cut the Ribbon and inaugurated the Clinic

Those physically unable to reach the clinic were handed the glasses at their transportation venue.

While the rest registered themselves for eye tests.

The Clinic has all facilities relating to eye testing, medicinal treatment, cataract operation and minor surgery. It has the latest equipment and machines for undertaking these tasks. Experienced and well known doctors and attendants will perform their duties with care and diligence.

The Clinic is there by the grace of God and will function at His mercy and directions.

May Nilofar Shameem rest in peace in her heavenly abode, enjoying all the delights! Amen!



  1. Well done Shameem. A very noble effort and we are sure God will help to keep it running for times to come. May Nilofar’s soul rest in eternal peace.
    God bless you.


  2. What a wonderful service to the under privileged section of society. This is something that Nilofer in her very beneficent way would have loved to see established. May the eye clinic provide the wonderful service to the needy. Eyes are most precious gift of God to humans. So this service is God’s work.


  3. Dear Shameem, Admire you for a very thoughtful and benevolent act of charity to perpetuate the memory of your loving wife whom God took away too soon. May God grant eternal peace to her soul and may He shower his mercy and blessings on her loving family. Amen


    1. Thank you Andy for your very kind and heartening comments. Yes she did leave too soon, the void remains. May she Rest in Peace in her heavenly abode. Amen
      May God bless you and the family.


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