Family Esthetics – 2

The black and white drawing is a testimony to the artist’s patience and perseverence, considering that the detailing is symetrical and repetetive. It is all the more startling that this creative artist is 12 years old and a student in seventh class. The artistic pourings happened during the covid period, when distractions and attractions were absent and loneliness prompted the latent creativity to takeover from the routine chores. Let me share the artists pencil sketches which bare the fine lines of an architects finesse.

The artist is my grand daughter Mariam Ali Zaidi, daughter of Nida Fatima and late Syed Akbar Ali. Nida is my younger brother Waseem Baqir’s daughter. Mariam is with her mother in the picture.

Having deleloped interest in the art forms during the covid period Mariam continues to find time from her academic routine to pursue her passion. Sharing her fine paitings and calligraphy.

Eagerly waiting for Mariam to create more of her unique artistic pieces and to display them in various exhibitions and galleries for me and all the connoisseurs to appreciate and enjoy.

Our best wishes are forever with you Mariam


3 thoughts on “Family Esthetics – 2”

  1. Very beautiful creations. The young lady is really talented. Your next generations are extremely gifted in various fields. May all of them bring laurels to the parents & family.


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