Hibachi Kitchen: A Quaint Experience

I had enjoyed Sushi in Japanese reataurants earlier in a rather sedate and traditional environment. Courtsey Sabila and Malik, the experience was indeed very different at Ichigo Ichie restauant at Franklin. Would like to share it with you though some may have had such experience earlier.

We sat in our allotted seats and looked around.

After the drinks and soup were served the Cheff commenced the cooking in the Hibachi Kitchen. You are welcome to witness his cooking skills mixed with weird and entertaining actions,

The cleansing is prompt and thorough.

While we enjoy the cuisine thoroughly, the gaeity filled with sound of gongs, bells and laughter add to our apetite; though the main reason, the food was really good! It had to be as we watched it cooking!

Guess who enjoyed the most, none other than Kazim my grandson.

Thank you Sabila! May God bless you and the family.


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