A Life Partner

The light hush of feet pressing the ground

Awakens me obliterating all other sound

The whiff of the aroma that precedes her 

Fills my nostrils with fragrant odor 

Her lips compressed in a bid to smile

Impel me to caress them for a while

The gentle look from the innocent eyes

Tears the heart as my longing cries

The words that resonate with luscious candor

Numbed me in silence to hearken forever

As days passed by our bond strengthened

With joy filled with peace and tranquility you burdened

The fragrance and charm remains untouched

Forever your beautiful presence will be unmatched


2 thoughts on “A Life Partner”

  1. My Dear friend sensitivity of your thoughts and feelings is matched by your expressive words. Touches the heart. 🌹🌹


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