An Absorbing Experience With Bonsais

Stepped into Fortune Manohar hotel, located at Begumpet, Hyderabad and walked through the corridor lined with flower pots with Bonsai plants of different vaiety. Entered the convention hall filled with visitors attending the World Bonsai Convention.

Col Zafar Naseem, my younger brother, an ardent Bonsai gardener, left the presentation to educate me about the Bonsai plants and introduced me to a few of the Boinsai lovers. Sharing my absorbing experience with him and other delegates
Zafar’s creation for the convention
Gaining knowledge of the Bonsais

Stories behind her Bonsais from a lady delegate

During a tea break with the delegates who have interesting narrations

Last but not the least
Golf addicts, you are not the only ones! Bonsai lovers are growing!


4 thoughts on “An Absorbing Experience With Bonsais”

  1. Thanks! Has the word “bauna” got anything to do with Bonsai?!
    Joy and education. Lovely to see people with their beautiful passion.
    Compliments to your brother Col Zafar Naseem.


    1. The litteral meaning of the Japanese word Bonasai is ‘planted in a continer.’ Yes everyone was enjoying themselves at the convention. Thank you, will convey your compliments to Zafar,


  2. You are being anti-national! I insist Bonsai was stolen from us! Everything in the world was discovered here done here first.
    Believe it.


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