The Right Path?


(Picture by Jafar Shameem)

The scriptures dictate, “follow one path, the right one” for a long and happy life

I scratched my head when I read the book and said to myself “I will surely strife”

My parents taught me to obey and respect the tutors, the elders and seek friendship

My teachers in the school drilled in discipline and there was no dearth of companionship

As I reached the puberty stage, the world around me gradually  changed in slow motion

Confusion and puzzlement seized me creating a kladioscopic sensitive contradictory emotion

 New books emerged with chapters on various paths that would lead to success and salvation

Left, and middle appeared on different pages; right remained though with different connotation

Each path had its own beacon with their pedestrians seeking and demanding predominance in governance

The Left, voiceferous, agitating and often voilent sought happiness through equality and equavalence

I searched the chronicles and testimonials found this path littered with misery, failures and decadence

The intriguing Right path offers hope and wealth to all though the means to achieve it are shrouded 

To sustain governance and remain in power the followers spread divisiveness, exclusion, hate unbounded

 That leaves me with the middle path, which most of the Prophets preached and followed 

As a humble human in the existing milleu is it possible for me to touch the feet of the hallowed

Yes this much I can certainly practise and perform

Be myself and keep away from those and that cause misery and harm

(Picture by Jafar Shameem)

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